To the Customer at the Checkout Counter… THANK YOU!

Dear Customer,

Thank you first of all, for opening my eyes to the sad fact that I will no longer be working at my new job. Thank you for making me look stupid (sorry for the word) on my third day at this new store. Yes, you knew that I was a trainee and learning the system, but you gave me those demeaning looks and your fingers that you loudly tapped on the wooden counter while you waited for my supervisor to assist me, and that angry sigh that you let out, THANK YOU for those. Your actions made me feel so low (as a person) that I decided on that day to just finish my shifts this month and then I’m out of the store. THANK YOU because you made me feel very very STUPID. THANK YOU because I just lost a potential income for the next few months. Thanks to you, I am hitting the classified ads again to look for another job.

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Creating the Perfect Play Area for Your Children: 5 Essential Things to Consider

As informed parents, we should understand how important it is for our children to play. To develop emotionally and socially this is a vital part of their growth, and as such, they should be provided with the best environments for them to develop. However, we cannot rely on others to provide these environments, and need to be alone or with friends, if you are controlling the play area, you know they are safe and can enjoy their development. Creating a dedicated space is a great idnes who are controlling this development. A great way to do this is to create our own play areas for our children, and equip them in the best possible way. Whether your child is playing ea, but not all spaces will work, and you will need to be aware of the problems you could encounter. Here are some ideas to help you create a great place for your kids to enjoy.

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December 1st Bento

It’s the first week of December and for my son’s bento lunch for the first day of this festive and joyous season, I used the Christmas cookie cutter that I got from my Secret Santa last year in one of the groups that I belong to in Facebook. It is really nice to finally take them out of the cupboard and make good use of them. So last December 01, I made a Christmas-themed bento lunch for my second grader.

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