5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Amused On The Holidays

School holidays never rolled around this quickly when you were in school, did they? Yet here they are again, which means weeks of household demolition from under-stimulated, three-foot human tornados. The easy solution is get them out of the house. Unfortunately, you can only drive around aimlessly for so long before they figure out your ruse. Where to now?

Indoor sports hall

There’s heaps of things to do in these places, even if your kids aren’t wild about sports. Rock climbing, indoor soccer and netball leap immediately to mind. Also bowling, ice skating and laser tag (which is the best possible indoor sport because you can join in without completely stacking the game against them and also because laser tag is awesome). Remember, the best and most efficient kind of exercise your kids are ever going to get is the kind where they don’t know it’s happening.

Insert coin

If the kid hates sports and would rather stay at home with their Xbox but have clocked all the games they have, there are hundreds of age-appropriate titles out there that will keep them occupied for hours. As a rule of thumb, Traveller’s Tales and Warner Bros. Interactive’s series of Lego games are always a safe bet – just the right mixture of challenging, fun, funny, with a long total play time and are available on everything – Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo DS, you name it. There’s heaps of titles to choose from too: Star Wars, Batman, Marvel Superheroes, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and even The Lego Movie to name a few. AND they have co-operative multiplayer so you can jump in and play with them if you’re so inclined.

Lego Movie

Make the journey a game in and of itself

Are you going away for the holidays with younger kids? Draw up a map of the route you plan to take. Bring coloured pens, pencils and extra paper and some crepe paper, tinfoil and glue depending on how attached you are to your car’s interior. Challenge them to create a decorative representation of the trip. They can put it together however they like and even draw in any landmarks you pass on the way.

Adventure is out there

Consider taking them camping. They’ll feel extremely useful and clever when you let them help pick a place to camp, pitch the tent and build a campfire. You can explore the area with them, possibly encounter local wildlife. They’ll be even more thrilled when you bring out the marshmallows for roasting. You can even gather round and tell scary (not too scary) stories.

Find out what your kids want to do

All of this is for naught if you’re forcing your kid into things they have no interest in doing. What’s your kid into? What do they want to do today? Their ideas might lead to an adventure. Kid saw an ad for an awesome new toy? Create a game around that! Perhaps a quest to find the toy – in between getting your other shopping done.

Keeping the kids entertained and yourself sane is a bit of a two-way street. You know what you were into as a kid, but that may be totally different from what your kid’s into. You’re going to make mistakes – you’re going do things like take them fishing even though they’ve never expressed a desire to so much as go near water of any kind in their lives. The key is to minimise downtime. Know any tricks not mentioned here? Got any hot tips for activities or destinations? Leave them in the comments below!


A Garden Lunch

It’s a gloomy day today and despite our busyness, packing here and there, cleaning cupboards and walls, windows and erasing colours on the walls, I still have the energy to make a simple garden lunch for my summer camper. Here’s his simple garden lunch:

garden bento lunch

Today’s lunchbox consists of tulip hotdogs, worm sausage on a bed of rice, a smiley cloud made of bread and his favourite honey spread, banana chips and two-bite brownies (not in photo). I told my son not to lose all the little picks and hopefully they will all still be in the box when he gets home.

Have a nice Tuesday everyone! I am off to a busy day ahead, house cleaning and a little packing left, then work in the afternoon. It’s going to be a long day! :-)


Lifting The House

boat house liftsA boat lift isn’t just something that you can use to keep your boat out of the water. You can place a lift under a boat house to keep it elevated. There are some advantages to this method. If you live in an area that sees a lot of storms and flooding, then boat house lifts are ideal. You can easily install the lifts so that the house doesn’t float away in the flooding water. The height of the lift can be adjusted if you want the house to sit just above the water or if you want it completely out of the water. You will probably need some type of stabilization if you plan to keep the boat house sitting on the surface of the water so that you don’t feel it moving in the current.

When you have a lift for your boat house, it would make it easier to move the house from one area to another. This is beneficial if you decide to move to another city or state. Boats can be attached to the house without the worry of the boat floating away since the house is secure. You can add a small deck to the house. If you don’t have a traditional boat house, you can add a lift on a boat that you might want to live on for an extended period of time.


A Clown for Lunch

Today is Carnival day for my son’s Summer Camp and so I decided to prepare him something related and familiar to carnivals, a clown! I have him a clown for lunch! Here’s what I made:

clown lunch bento

This clown lunch is made of spaghetti (leftover from last night’s dinner), I had bread for the face, placed a plump cherry for the nose, pepperoni for the cheeks, cut out cheese for the mouth, raisins for the eyes and clown hat (on top of cheese). My son said that he loves his lunch and that it is awesome!

I spent a few more of hours browsing Pinterest for clown lunch bentos and found lots, I realized that I can do it even with the simplest ingredients at home. So I hope he will finish this one and eat the cherry (which is my favourite)!

Happy Friday and have a good weekend! As for me, we will be busy packing and cleaning for our move next weekend! Wish us luck! :-)