Wordless Wednesday – Sleeping Position

My little one always sleeps in this position while riding the GO train and that is just every time we go home. I know he’s very tired because it is always way past his nap time when we go home, and this sight beholds and amazes us.

 Happy Wednesday everyone!


Bring Your Friends or Family to Ski Breckenridge

Do you and your friends and relatives love to ski, but the price of a ski vacation puts you off? Now you can plan a cost effective ski vacation at one of the best ski areas in the nation, and a great ski package will make it all possible. While there are many beautiful ski resorts from which you could choose, Breckenridge in Colorado is just one of the beautiful ski areas, and offers over 2,000 acres of ski area with 155 groomed trails to make your ski experience truly exceptional.

One of the most efficient and economical ways to make sure your ski vacation is everything you had hoped for is to check out the Colorado college ski packages available for college students and their families. Whether you are an experienced skier looking forward to tackling the expert trails, or a ski novice looking to advance your skills by enrolling in one of the courses available at a Ski and Snowboard School that is typically offered to novices of all ages, you will find just the right niche for your skills. 

There are a variety of lodging choices at most ski areas, so you and your companions could possibly rent one of the awesome condos available or simply rent a room at a resort where you can conveniently ski in and ski out to the nearby lift. An exciting day filled with skiing in the mountain air is sure to leave you with an appetite for a delicious dinner at one of the nearby eateries. After dinner you may choose to enjoy a relaxing dip in a pool before retiring to the comfort of your bed to get the rest you will need when you return to the slopes the next day.

In the event that you would like to include some alternate activities in your vacation, Breckenridge is a ski area that offers snowshoeing, ice skating, snowmobile rental and horse drawn sleigh rides. A thrilling ride you must experience is the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster. This brand new attraction begins at Peak 8 and races 2,500 feet down the mountain on an elevated roller coaster track.

Information about these great ski packages is available online, and booking your perfect ski vacation is easy and convenient online. Just organize your group and get set to enjoy skiing in Colorado and make some great memories.


A “Beary” Simple Lunch #bentolove

My bento-making journey has “kicked off” again. I posted the other day the lunch I prepared for my summer camper and today, I made him a “beary” simple lunch. Here it is:

bento lunch for kids

His lunch consists of ham and bread (his favourite), snapea crisps, some red grapes, a brownie bar which I formed into a “bear” of some sort and one banana (not in photo).  As much as I want to put in more veggies and fruits in his lunchbox, I couldn’t. He just wouldn’t eat them. But if I make his favourite veggie dish, he would finish a plateful of serving! I am also not sure if he will finish those grapes, I had to remind him that he has to eat healthy and more nutritious fruits and veggies and I just got a “yes mommy!”

Hope everyone will have a “beary” nice day today!


Choosing The Proper Boarding School

Children who go off to a boarding school are sent there for the environment. Christian boarding schools for boys are places where boys can learn to become men who respect others. The Christian environment is one parents can be comfortable with because of its safety and connection to the church. Each asset of a Christian boarding school listed below gives parents the peace of mind they need to send their children away from home.

christian boarding school
The Church Environment

The boarding school that is affiliated with a church offers more than just a school environment for the children. The children are surrounded by the pastoral and church staff. The staff become mentors for the boys who are learning to become respectable young men. 

The Training

Learning at a Christian school involves much more than what happens in a traditional public school. The training in biblical studies alone rivals that which graduate theology students receive when they are adults. This training prepares boys for the pastorate, but this training also gives boys a solid foundation to make choices in life. This training allows boys to be leaders in the community and their church even if they do not become full-time pastors.

The Boarding

The boarding at these schools is state-of-the-art. The dormitories are havens for the boys grow bonds that will last a lifetime. The friendships that boys make when they are at school often go unbroken through their lives. The boys who visit these places are kept together to allow them to learn to work with others. 


The boys in these schools also learn to respect women in a way that they cannot learn in a traditional environment. The boys are always taught how to treat women and honor them. This training in respect and honor of women trains boys to be great husbands and fathers in the future. The boys may not realize they need this training, but it helps create stronger families in the future.

Sending boys to a top notch boarding school changes their educational outcome significantly. The boys learn how to be leaders in the community and in their families. The parents get peace of mind sending their boys away from home, and the pastoral staff keeps watch over the students.