Day 6

Wooot! Wooot! I’m on my 6th day already!!! I’m actually keeping all of my three blogs updated, and yet I still don’t want to forget my blogger account! Whew! My hands are really full of life now!

Anyway, for today, I am tasked to share about my most serious injury. Hmmmmm, I don’t think I have encountered one since birth. Although I have gotten some big scars on my knees but I still don’t consider getting the scars as serious injuries. I just remember back when I was in high school, we were on summer vacation on the Island of Fire, I got at least eight large skin scratches on my arms, elbows and knees and some bruises on my legs! It was due to a motorcycle “accident.” Well, it wasn’t really an accident, it was my first time to drive a motorcycle and when I started to rev up, I felt that the motorcycle was so fast that I thought I would crash. So instead of putting on the brakes, I turned the accelerator up and bang!!!!!! I was down on the ground, pinned by the motorcycle! I was okay, except for the bruises and the scratches, I even managed to laugh out so loud. πŸ™‚

It was actually a lesson for me, my dad told me beforehand that I should not try to ride the motorcycle, but I didn’t listen to him… and guess what, it was during my birthday when that incident happened… my dad was a bit furious, Β but because it was my birthday, he just laughed at me and so did everyone.

Lesson learned: always listen to our parents. They know what’s good for us! πŸ™‚

So that’s it, Day 6 is through, how about you? Can you still remember your most serious injury? (Well, who would forget.)

Day 5

It’s the fifth day of my 30-day challenge! Today challenge is just to share my insights on why I Facebook.

I’ve read in a blog a few weeks ago that Facebook has already become a verb, an action word. Leah said in her blog:

Dear Facebook,

Congratulations on becoming a verb! So, when’s the party? Facebook me, okay?

Hahaha! I so liked what Leah wrote! Truly, Facebook has become an “essential” part of our lives! I have been with Facebook for more almost three years now. When it was launched, I signed up immediately but Facebook was overpowered then by Friendster and Multiply. I was engrossed then with Friendster, but when everybody started talking about Facebook, I went back to my account and started updating it too! I only got hooked (as in totally addicted :-)) just last year when I started playing Cafe World. Back then, I would feel guilty because when my hubby leaves the house for work, I am in front of our PC and when he comes home for lunch, he still finds me sitting and “busy” cooking… πŸ™‚

But now, I “Facebook” to keep in touch with my brothers abroad, mainly, and to be updated with what’s going on with the world through my friends. Although I have stopped playing Cafe World already, the new group which I joined in just before 2010 ended keeps me glued to Facebook. I get to learn a lot from the group and have gained new friends, blogger mommies like me.

Somehow, I am thankful to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg for creating Facebook! It is such a phenomenon and for that, he was named Man of the Year for 2010. He is truly instrumental in connecting lives around the globe!

Day 4

It’s already Day 4 of my 30-Day Challenge… so far so good! πŸ™‚ Today’s post is about a TV show I am currently addicted to. Well, I do follow some TV shows and they are quite a few. I am a TV buff, I can just sit all day and watch TV, as long as the shows are good and entertaining (not to mention, my favorite). πŸ™‚

To name a few of the TV shows that I am addicted to right now, read on…

First on my list is American Idol. I have been a fan of this show and now on it’s 10th season, I haven’t missed the first two episodes which started airing last week in Star World. This year, two new judges sit down with Randy Jackson, they are Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

I did miss watching two seasons (8 and 9) but I have been following this ever since. It is one great show and according to Randy Jackson, it is the biggest talent show on earth! Indeed it is.

Next, is GLEE! And officially, I am a Gleek!

I actually wasn’t hooked with this high school “musical/comedy” show till I saw one episode where the cast sang “Imagine” by John Lennon with a group of hearing impaired students. I was so touched by that part alone because, first, the song was inspirational, second, it was performed by deaf students! So what’s the connection, you might ask, well, I used to teach deaf students and upon seeing that episode, I was so emotional because I miss my students. From then on, I was addicted to Glee, to the point that I had to go on Glee marathon!!! πŸ™‚ This year, I’m happy that they’ve garnered some awards for their show. So happy to know that!

My newest addition to the TV shows that I got addicted to is MasterChef.

This competitive cooking show originated in Australia, and just had its debut season in the US. The show features amateur cooks from all over the US and every week, the worst dish cooked and served will be eliminated. The judges, Joe Bastianich, Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot are just as tough as a venison meat!!! Watching this show actually made me realize that I want to be a chef… πŸ™‚ dream on! Honestly, I’ve always wanted to enroll in Culinary Arts even before, but I just didn’t have the resources, the time and funds. I would have been a chef de partie now or working in a world class hotel or a luxury liner as a “master chef.” Another thing that made me stick to this show is that I am just amaze at the talent of some of the contestants. There is a construction worker who is just as macho as he looks, he said he was a biker and all, with this mustache and tattooed arms and legs, but when he cooks, he has finesse and so much creativity! There’s a financial consultant, a software engineer, server, bartender, physician, caregiver and some other jobs, and yet, they are binded together for their love and passion for cooking! How I wish I could cook like them. Dream on again! πŸ™‚Β There’s also Junior MasterChef Australia. It just started a week ago and my son loves the show too! He would stick with me till the show ends and when we ask him if he wants to be a cook, he would just say “no.” πŸ™‚

So these are TV shows I am currently hooked. What about you? What shows are you in to now? πŸ™‚