Bonding Time with Hubby

Rodliz’s Nest
For the past month now, every afternoon at around 4:30 to 5 pm, I drop whatever I am doing. Why so? Because hubby is home by then and just sits on the porch relaxing after a long day’s work. Well, actually every afternoon we do spend it at the town plaza with our little boy playing the whole time. But since the hospital does not accept admissions for the meantime now, he’s home early and there are no more calls after those hours and even in the night time. He now has time to relax and has more time to spend with us.

So every afternoon, we just sit outside and bring out some snacks to share, sometimes chips, or fried bananas or just nuts. It’s the only time I get to bond and have a date with my ever busy and workaholic husband and I am thankful for these times that we are able to talk about our day, our plans, everything! Sometimes we just sit and watch our neighbors pass by, and yesterday, we just watch the birds in the trees and just enjoyed the afternoon breeze. I am enjoying every moment that hubby’s around because when the hospital is in full operation again, it would be so hard to find time to bond with him.

So I thank the Lord for all these times we have now. I hope that everyday we can still get to do this. That’s how we celebrate being together! And this is also my first entry for Couple’s Corner.

Mommy Moments – White

mommy moments
It’s time for white! Glad to have photos of my son wearing white! I’m sharing two of my favorite photos of my son.

This was taken last year, the very first time he wore his school uniform. The very first time he went to school too!

My son in his Barong Tagalog, his first ever too, during their school’s Buwan ng Wika celebration.

Happy Mommy Moments!

Just Beautiful #8 – Fog

I have missed posting an entry for Just Beautiful of Thoughts Online. So this week, I am joining and this is my share:

Can you see two persons walking?

This was taken last February 05, at about 6 in the morning. My hubby and I and even our little boy was just amazed at the fog that enveloped our barangay that morning. It’s been a long time since we had this kind of fog and had the chance to capture it.