Whale Wars on Discovery Channel

In my other blog, I posted about a TV show that I am recently hooked. The show is a series in Discovery Channel called the Whale Wars. If you are going to read my post, you would know what it is.

Yesterday, I got the chance to watch the rerun of Monday’s episode and it was really a heart-breaking one. The Sea Shepherd witnessed right before their eyes the killing of a whale!!! ๐Ÿ™ For the past few days (in the series) they have been chasing the Nisshin Maru and have been engaging in a fierce tactics exchange with the Japanese whaling and harpoon ships. But that episode really angered the Sea Shepherd crew especially Paul Watson, the captain of the ship and the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, in which their main goal is to stop the illegal activities of these Japanese ships.


whale wars
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They couldn’t believe what they saw, and I couldn’t believe it either. I was angry at the Japanese whalers too! I really was! How could they! What’s worse is that their boat has a name painted on their sides Research when in fact, it was a factory ship where they dissect the poor whale.ย That just made me think that nature did take her revenge against the Japanese. With the devastating earthquake, the killer tsunami and the nuclear plant meltdown, all together, I guess that’s the lesson God wants them to learn.

This is not against the Japanese in general, but only for those who kill whales. I hope they have learned their lesson already and that they will stop doing this. I am not going to miss next Monday’s episode because it is more heart-breaking. If you want to catch up, you can check Discovery Channel every Monday night at 11 pm for Whale Wars.

Unexpected Turn of Events

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was asking for a copy of my parents’ marriage contract and that I sent my father a text message. I did receive a reply but it was not what I expected and it made me angrier at my father.

Unfortunately, he told me that he doesn’t have a copy of their marriage contract and that he holds no document. And when I told him that the National Statistics Office (NSO) doesn’t have a record of their marriage contract, he just told me that he can’t do anything about it! So irresponsible of him! ๐Ÿ™

broken heartWell, you see, my parents are “separated.” I hate to admit it but our father left us just after all of us finished college, and is now living with another woman. Grrrrrr… ๐Ÿ™ that makes me loathe him the more. ๐Ÿ™ I know it’s not right, but he has hurt us. Anyway, we are all trying to get over with it. I just hope that in due time, God will heal the hurt and that our dad will realize too what he has done.

So I guess obtaining a copy of their marriage contract is a hard nut to crack. Unless if the affidavit wouldn’t be needing a copy of that ever elusive contract, then our problem will be solved. Now, there’s another discovery to all these document-finding thing of ours. Yesterday, my aunt in Davao sent me a message telling me that my mother’s birth date is October 10 and not October 2, which we have traditionally celebrated all these years! What a dilemma!! So terrible!!!

I just don’t know how to deal with it as of the moment. I am so frustrated at how these discoveries have affected me and my family and our plans. But I am casting all my cares to Him, I know that in due time, the truth and answers will be revealed.

Check Your Important Documents

I posted earlier this week that we are off to process some documents for our application to Canada. Yes, thankfully, everything went very well, and thankfully too, our little boy was very cooperative and was very well-behaved the whole day. Although I know he was already very tired and all, but still he was very eager to have his mugshot taken, and no battle of some sort. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, there’s one important document that we have to make some affidavits. It is my birth certificate. Of all the documents, it has to be it! Our problem now is that both my father and mother’s middle names are MISSPELLED!!!! The agency that processes our documents for Canada told us of the discrepancy! At the eleventh hour!!!! All of our documents must be in by next week, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get hold of my parents’ marriage contract because they are not both here.

This is really important! Please have your important documents like your passport, birth certificates, marriage contracts, SSS, etc, checked like the spellings of your parent’s middle name and family names, your place of birth, even your name!!!

I’ve encountered a lot of these so many times, but experiencing it first hand is so frustrating!!! I feel somehow mad at my parents for being so careless and not even checking how their names are spelled on my birth certificate! I feel mad at those who committed the typo error!!! Our future lies on their hands!!!

So with this, I resorted to obtaining a copy of my parent’s marriage contract from NSO to support the affidavit. But just two days, ago, NSO emailed me and informed that there is no record of such marriage contract!!!! WWWhhhhhaaattt????!!!!! I am really pissed off right now and I could just scream to my dad and mom for being so neglectful!!! How could they!??!!ย Excuse me for ranting, but I just couldn’t help but think that probably, what they have is a fake marriage and all… oh, bad and negative things are just running through my mind right now. ๐Ÿ™ When I gave birth to my son, both my hubby and I checked his birth certificate many times and indeed, we found one typo error, my hubby’s name was misspelled! So we had it immediately changed, even if it cost us a few precious times of processing it. We are that responsible!

Early today, I sent a message to my father asking for a copy of their marriage contract, yeah, I did saw one before, and I just hope that he will send me a copy to appease me and remove all my worries! ย I am really really hoping this will work out, it’s the only document I need.