Hubby’s Back To Work

That is for my two boys, both my hubby and my little boy! My hubby started his about 4-month long vacation last February after our Davao trip and our little boy after his school.

Hubby’s back to work officially tomorrow! Yipee! Finally, God answered our prayers! The hospital will be up and running again, starting tomorrow. We have waited at least two months for the re-accreditation of the hospital, not only me and my hubby, but the whole town of Antequera. Many townsfolk always ask us when will the hospital be operational again and so now, I mean starting tomorrow, June 01, my hubby can accept admissions already.

I’m just happy that our business is back as hubby was already feeling depressed and all. There are also other opportunities that have been offered to him but he has to decline at some of those as his priority is the hospital. I’m happy too that my hubby has been able to rest for the past months. Tomorrow, he is bracing himself for the work ahead. I just hope that everything will pick up and will be back on track.

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers! You are truly a good GOD! 🙂

Visiting His Friend

My hubby’s friend from Australia bought a parcel of land in one of the towns here in Bohol. In that land, he built a very nice rest house where he can enjoy the greeneries surrounding him. He also planted mango trees and has raised some cattle and farm animals. He even brought with him his ATV or all terrain vehicle so that he can use it for agriculture. One time my hubby visited his friend and they were just so happy to see each other. His friend showed and toured my hubby around his property and it was one big area, hubby confirmed.

They used the ATV since the smaller cabs cannot take the harsh and rough terrain of the area. My hubby’s friend said that to bring and fly in his ATV was a very good decision. Although he had to do some repairs on the ATV Lights and wheels, but it was only minimal. He was really happy to have made that decision because it really is a useful vehicle. My hubby promised to be back and will be tagging us along too. I am excited to meet my hubby’s friend too and at the same time, excited to ride an ATV. 🙂

Brigada Eskwela 2011

School year 2011-2012 is about to start in two weeks and for the past days, many public schools around the whole country are busy preparing the classrooms, school grounds, and the school itself for the opening.

Brigada Eskwela is one activity that encourages all the parents, teachers, students and the stakeholders to give out some of their time and efforts to ensure that the school is set for the opening of another school year.

I am a teacher by profession and had I been teaching, I would have been a part of this nationwide campaign. But even though I am a stay-at-home mom, I still salute and commend everyone who has lent a helping hand to make this year’s Brigada Eskwela successful.

Brigada Eskwela 2011 No age gap. Young and old alike, ordinary citizen or not, help each other to achieve one goal. Fahad Solaiman helps Sgt Melchor Reyes arrange wooden chairs at Maharlika Elementary School, Taguig City, during the Brigada Eskwela 2011.