I Don’t Have a Credit Card

When I was in college, I had a supplementary credit card from my dad. Having that gave me the freedom, well not really, to buy something that I want. But of course, with the consent of my dad. But my love affair with the credit card was short lived. My dad had to cut off the supplementary card because the purchases, let alone the interest, accumulated to his main card and he was having a hard time paying the dues.

I felt no regret because I know that it was also for our own good. Now that I am married, I still don’t have a credit card. My hubby on the other hand does not want to have a credit card too. He prefers to buy or purchase with cash. He is even apprehensive of having too many ATMs. But honestly, sometimes I envy those women who have lots of credit cards in their wallet (not really that envious, just a bit). While all I have is a reward card from my favorite restaurant… hehehehe… oh, and IDs and a couple of ATM cards. But it’s okay actually, having no credit cards, I don’t get tied with paying monthly dues and interests and when it comes to impulse buying, I am warded off from temptation!

Well, maybe one of these days, if I am really in dire need, or if having a credit card would become a necessity, I wouldn’t hesitate to apply for one. 🙂