Like A Mini Forest

Our backyard is already turning into a mini-forest! Why so? Because nobody has ever trimmed the grasses, and even pruned the fruit bearing trees. Ever since school started and Baby Job arrived, we had less time for attending to some of the household chores such as tending the backyard. The nanny we have now brings our son to school while I am left alone here in the house with Baby Job.

It is quite difficult if you don’t have an extra hand to take care of some things, and if only I have a toro zero turn mower, I could just tell the nanny (when she gets home) to use it to clean the backyard! But I don’t have. Someone though volunteered to help us clean it but she never came back. This makes me sad somehow because insects and mosquitoes are quite becoming a big army already around here. I just hope that one of these days, the nanny can spend a little time in the backyard… 🙂

Exam Week

It’s the school boy’s exam week starting August o1, that’s this coming Monday. Sad to say, we have not concentrated on studying his lessons, although I am proud to say that he already knows his lessons well. We do have question and answer all the time (about his lessons) and he answers them all correctly. Sometimes, we fight over petty things as the four year old insists that things are done this way and that. But overall, he is able to give me nothing but the right answers.

Both my hubby and I are glad that he knows how to follow now, like if we say today is NO TV day because it’s a school day, he would not turn on the TV. My hubby just brings the little boy to the hospital and they study there too, and also, to keep him from making lots of noises here in the house. The little one gets annoyed and cries loud when his sleep is disturbed.

So far, our school boy has brought perfect quizzes from school, so I will and confidently say that he will be able to answer their exams well. So my prayer this week will be wisdom, understanding and knowledge for the school boy. Help him Lord. 🙂