Happy 2 Months Old Baby Job

I know this is a late post. Our little angel has already turned two months a few days ago and I have been quite busy with our little celebration. He’s quite bigger and heavier now and still sleeps a lot. Although he often gets annoyed and cries a lot when his sleep is disturbed, he still has grown and has become a little bit “fatter.” The last time we checked in with his monthly pedia visit, he weighed in at 5.6 kilos or 12.32 pounds. Quite heavy really. He’s still feeding on my milk and I have finally decided to give him formula, just one 4 ounce a day. I could hardly cope up with his feeding needs. But I will still breastfeed him until I can do so.

So, here are two snapshot of our little Baby Job at two months!

The next Manny Pacquiao???

Chubby cheeks and double chin…

A New Car

A family friend of ours just bought a new luxury SUV, a Mitsubishi Montero. I was, I admit, green with envy because the car was really nice and so good looking. The family’s breadwinner recently came home from his work as a seafarer and obviously, he earns a lot, and so because they have saved some amount too, they have finally bought their own car. When my hubby and I saw their new family possession, we couldn’t help it but be somehow, just quite a bit envious… hehehe… well, who would not, we only have the motorcycle as our mode of transportation… but we are still thankful we have one.

Anyway, our friend just went on to show us the new car and hubby did notice the mitsubishi montero sport custom floor mats. And yes, they were expensive-looking, I bet they were. The car was accessorized and was simply amazing. Sigh… that’s all we could say… LOL! We could only dream and wish we could have one… but who knows, one of these days… 🙂

There is nothing impossible with God!

Excited for Christmas

A few more days and it will be the “ber” months. Pretty soon the malls will start displaying Christmas decors and will also be selling indoor halloween decorations too. Many consumers, especially moms like me will be heading the malls hoping to catch on sales on Halloween and Christmas decors. But I personally don’t buy Halloween decorations because we usually do not celebrate it here. Even my son’s preschool, whose administrator-cum-owner is an American and is used to celebrating Halloween, does not include that revelry in the school’s activities. Parents have also agreed not to have some Halloween related activities, like letting the children wear Halloween costumes, because it might scare the kids.

As for me, I have already saved up some money for new Christmas decorations. I will be waiting for the malls to set up their Christmas trees and all. So who’s excited? ME!!!