My Little Boys Are Sick :-(

My little boys are sick!

First it was Kuya Bogs, he was feverish last week and had been coughing and barking like a mad dog. Then a few days ago, Baby Job started coughing too, and now he even has colds… my poor little boys… 🙁

What’s worse is that Kuya Bogs does not want to drink medicine. He so loathes the idea of drinking bitter medicine. Every time we tell him to take his dose, he would shot his mouth or would act up. Making him drink medicine is always a battle of some sorts, there is coercion. Despite countless reminders that he has to drink his meds, he wouldn’t mind at all. Adding up to our nightmare is that when he coughs hard, he vomits. So all his intake just goes to waste… sigh…

Then, Baby Job got the cough and now he’s also like his big brother… this is too sad… we are still off to a Cebu trip next weekend. I just hope they’ll get better and well soon.

How to Cope with Separation Anxiety

Parents have their own concerns when it comes to their child’s education. If your kid is ready to go to school for the first time, how do you plan for it? Of course it is very typical for a parent to learn more about the school, its security policies, manner of teaching and the learning environment. All these often lead to pressure, worries and anxieties. But there’s more concern along the way, once your child starts his first day of school.

Separation anxiety is common for parents especially for moms who can’t seem to leave their kids. It is that fear of having another person to watch out and take care of your child that often worries a typical mom. The thing is that your kids could sensed if something is wrong and when you manifest the signs of separation anxiety there’s a huge chance that your child show these indications as well.

So how can you and your child cope up with this? The first step is for parents to acknowledge the problem and find out the cause. There is no reason to be ashamed of this as there are a lot of parents out there that feels the same. It will be better to discuss this matter with your partner and you could even consider getting a professional help from a counselor or psychologist.

If there’s something about the school that concerns you, do not hesitate to talk the officials and ask questions. Prior to enrolling your child to a certain institution it is better to conduct a tour of the place. Most schools offer an open house; take this opportunity to learn more about their policies and teaching approach.

Lastly, assure your kids that everything will be fine and that the school is a fun and safe place where they’ll meet new friends and learn exciting things.


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Enjoying This Gift

Ever since I started blogging, I have always wanted to have my own laptop and because I was not earning then, it was quite impossible for me to have one. So every time my hubby and I visit the mall, I would just drool over the acer laptop computers, the iMac, the Samsungs, the Dells and many others. I can only feast my eyes on them since I really can’t afford to buy one for myself.

As if the heavens above knew my heart’s desires, an acer aspire one came as a gift to me on my birthday last year. My younger brother, who happens to work abroad, bought me what has now become my second baby. I could not contain my joy and happiness when I finally held this baby in my arms and mind you, it was love at first sight.

So now, I am happily blogging using the gift, and… I wish I have an iPad… hehehe…just wishful thinking. 🙂