Holidays and Paying Respect

It’s a long weekend!! Yipeee! Kuya Bogs also is on a one-week school break to give way to the holidays, it’s All Soul’s Day and All Saint’s Day, Bohol Day and one more holiday which I forgot… hehehe…

Starting today, many people will flock to the public and private cemeteries to visit the departed ones to offer prayers. It has always been a tradition here and others have made this occasion as a family reunion of sorts. They bring food, eat meals together with the clan at the mausoleums or graves. Some even spend a night or two and would bring eureka tents where they can rest and be sheltered should the weather turn bad. I have once spent overnight at the cemetery where my grandmother was laid. The whole place became festive, party music filled the night and the cemetery did not look like a cemetery anymore. It totally transformed. But recently, police authorities have restricted visitors from doing such.

I would surely teach my boys they grow up and understand the whole thing and concept of death and paying respects. But for now, they just stay at home, besides, it’s very hot outside to go to the cemetery.


I love to go thrift-hunting. Every Sunday afternoon, I’d go visit the thrift stalls in the market and would go diving for a handful of shirts, shorts, pants, jackets and a whole lot of kids’ clothing. Most of the time, I would see funny shirts on sale or even new ones, those from the racks of big stores from abroad being sold. Oftentimes, there are still tags attached to the shirts or pants that I get. What I love about the goods that I get from thrift hunting is that they are more durable than those being manufactured here. I sound so bias, right, but it’s actually true. Most of the clothes that I have bought here are not made with quality. Sad but it’s true. That is probably the reason why I frequent thrift stores and won’t worry about spending because I know goods sold there are durable, the only thing is, I have to be patient.

Back From Our Short Trip

Finally, after a few days off, I am back online. We went home Saturday afternoon and was greeted with a heavy downpour at the pier. Good thing I brought my umbrella with me, I was able to shield Baby Job from the pouring rain. Overall, the trip went very well, Baby Job was not fussy and all, at the boat ride, he just fell asleep on my lap, every time he’s tired he would just close his eyes. At the Foreign Affairs office, although already very tired, he still managed to sit down on the chair and with eyes wide open, he was in the mood for several mug shots. He was just very cooperative and well-behaved. Even Kuya Bogs was a very good boy all the time. At the hotel, he was very curious and had a wonderful time swimming in the bath tub! While Baby Job slept through the night without any problem, he only cried when he was hungry.

Hubby on the other hand, was also able to rest even for just a few hours, without thinking of the calls or text messages from the hospital. Our stay at the hotel was a well-deserved treat, even though it was just an overnight stay, we all looked forward to it. I am hoping to get another good deal from one of the group-buying sites and treat my family to another travel one of these days.