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Games for Family Bonding

The family was at the mall the other day to buy a crib for Baby Job. Since we tagged along the two little boys, we never failed to drop by the toys department. My eldest, Kuya Bogs was so happy to be in wonderland. He was looking at all the different toys being displayed. While […]

Gagay’s Pagerank and Birthday Giveaway

Taking on my chance here to win probably a shirt or some $$$$… so I am joining Gagay’s Pagerank and Birthday Giveaway! Weeeeehhh! The prizes at stake: 10 Page Rank Shirts A total of $360 PayPal cash 1 winner – $100 2 winners – $50 each 4 winners – $25 each 4 winners – $15 each 5 1-year […]

A Family Car… in the Making

My family of four can no longer fit in our motorcycle. In a span of seven years of being together, our two-wheeled vehicle is no longer enough for me, my hubby and the two little boys. A law has also been passed prohibiting children below 10 years old to ride or be a passenger in […]

The African Mango Diet, Not a Diet Fad

There are so many diet fads that exist and have taken the world by storm. Many people get enticed by these diet fads that offer promising results, especially when these weight loss and supplements are used and endorsed by famous celebrities. But did you know that there is one phenomenal diet fad that has invaded […]