Holiday Rush

We are so late for our Christmas shopping. Well, it’s not actually shopping, we will just be at the grocery to buy for our Christmas dinner. Hubby and I always do our Christmas shopping, this time, we will be tagging along our two little boys. The lines at the counters will be long for sure as everyone is in holiday rush and doing last minute shopping. Good thing groceries, supermarkets and department stores now have Retail POS System which makes shopping and paying for our purchases a lot faster and easier. Even if the queues are long, in just a matter of minutes, your Christmas shopping is done.

Tomorrow, as we head out to the city, we will brace ourselves for the jam-packed mall, long lines at the counter and half-empty shelves and racks. We hope to still get the things in our list.

Missed the Christmas Program

This mommy is sad. Why? Because she is left here in the house with her almost 6-month old baby, missing her school boy’s annual Christmas program. It is her school boy’s second Christmas program and unfortunately, she is not there to witness her son dance and perform in front of a big crowd.

It just makes me sad actually knowing that I won’t be there to support and cheer for him. All I can do is wait for him and my hubby here in the house. But I don’t want to put the little baby at risk too. The program is tonight and by 6:30 or 7pm, the little one is already fast asleep on the bed. I would not want him to get cranky and fussy at the program.

I will only have to content myself with the photo which hubby will be taking. Oh, I hope he will get good shots. But for now, I am really sad, I really want to be there, but I just can’t. 🙁

Send Help for the Victims of Typhoon Sendong

It’s been a couple of days after tragedy struck Northern Mindanao. Typhoon Sendong (or its international name Washi) triggered mammoth flash floods which have left hundreds of people, mostly children, dead and hundreds more missing. Many families lost their homes, their loved ones, their belongings and their businesses since they were caught unaware. It is so sad to know that some of my friends are just one of the many affected families.

It’s just a few days before Christmas and in the spirit of gift-giving, I am encouraging everyone, those who have some to spare, to donate and give to the victims and affected ones. My family has already sent our donation and has packed some of our old clothes and I am pretty sure that it will go a long long way.

So if you wish to send help, please click the link below:

You can also donate via Paypal or credit card here:

Your generosity will be greatly rewarded. God bless!