A New PC for the Family

I am thinking of buying a new PC for us. The desktop we are using now is almost full and has been serving us for quite some time now. This desktop is from my younger brother, which he assembled himself and installed programs and games for my mother to use, and yes, it served her well, and my family too. But now that mom is back in Cebu and my brother bought him a brand new PC, we are left to using the old one. It still works though but I would love to have new programs and a higher memory so that I can also watch movies online and do other stuff.

At the computer stores, I’ve looked into the different brands and compared prices. I have seen nice compaq desktops, Mac PCs, Acer, Samsung and other brands. I don’t know if I can afford to buy one now but I know, pretty soon, our PC will wear out and will surrender. So now, I should be saving for that. 🙂