Valentine’s Gift Ideas: 8 Ways to Win Her Heart

Valentine’s Day is here again, and that means couples everywhere are looking for that perfect gift to charm their special someone. Here are 8 ideas for gifts that any girl would love to see sitting on her pillow when she wakes up on Valentine’s Day.

A homemade card. Nothing says “love” like handcrafting something, and it’s so much sweeter and shows dedication. It could be done in construction paper, cardboard stock, or even digitally rendered and printed out. The personal touch makes all the difference.

Photo Album. Photo books make a lovely testament to a couple’s history and all the wonderful times they’ve shared together. For those whose lives are all-digital, there are numerous sources online for converting digital collections or even Facebook albums to printed form.

Chocolates. Sure, it’s cliche, but rare is the woman who doesn’t appreciate a big box of chocolates on February 14th. They should be nice chocolates, not just one of the boxes at the local pharmacy store. This is the time of year to order specialty chocolates, in flavors she hasn’t tried before.

DIY Candles. It’s easy for anyone to make their own candles with a bit of wax from a hobby store along with some colors and scents. They can even be made from leftover crayons!  Lovingly hand-made candles make that romantic candlelit dinner even better.

Flowers. Hand-select the arrangement by choosing only her favorite flowers. You know she has told you time and again what flowers she appreciates most. Showing her you remember will make her happy and let her know you care.

A new pet. The look on her face when she sees her new puppy or kitten will be a memory to cherish (a fish is okay too).

A private getaway. Why not give her the gift of a weekend away from home? A “staycation” to a private cabin a few hours away or a resort and spa can be the perfect break away from the city for the two of you.

A valentine’s puzzle. Another easy-to-make custom gift is a jigsaw-like puzzle. All that’s needed is an enlarged special photo of you two, and some time dedicated to cut it up. This works best when the photo has been mounted on a cardboard like surface. A love letter or poem written on the back beforehand makes it even better.


  1. A personalized item is always (in my opinion) the best gift for everyone. Or something that has a personal touch will always come a long way.

  2. its quite easy 2 shower a gal wid gifts… but wen it comes to a boy it’s really tough…. so any suggestions??? no dresses please… they r so common… sumthin uncommon….Thanks..

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