The Charm of the Glittering Gems

Jewelry is not really in my vocabulary but I will be ecstatic if someone will give me glittering gems. In fact, I seldom wear the little jewelry I have in my possession and only during special occasions. But there is something that catches my eyes of the charm for charm bracelet, which I would want to wear it. And I am just hoping that it is not that expensive for it will be one thing that turns me off to own one. It just seems not right in times like this that daily expenses are growing and it will just strain our monthly budget.

Don’t Want To Get Lost

I have posted before that I have promised for a beach outing any time soon because of the achievement of my eldest son in school.  And right now, I am already planning and scouting for a place that we can spend that is affordable and not that expensive. If we can find a beach near our area then towing around with gps and garmin won’t be necessary, I believe. And if it is far then we should need one so we won’t get lost and don’t end up spending most of the time on the road looking for the place instead of having fun times on the beach.


Making Drinking Water Safe and Clean

In the suburbs, there are many ways of storing water for drinking purposes, either clay pot or drum. And one important thing to consider is to store them in the right and appropriate way that it must be covered all the time. The quality of drum covers whether it is galvanized or plastic made isn’t that necessary as long as it can make it tight sealed for it is the priority. Making your drinking water clean, safe and free from germs takes precedence because it is hard if you get sick since taking a trip to the hospital would constitute expenses again.