Waiting for the Sunset

We had the chance to marvel on the beauty of nature, the sunset specifically last weekend. While waiting for the sun to set, I had all the chance too to take photos of my boys. It was heart-warming to see them all smiles and having fun. Baby Job was so eager to play with his brother, while Kuya Bogs so wanted to take a dip in the sea water. Hubby and I took turns in watching the little boys.

This is just one of the many photos of my boys that I took:

Labado boys

Having fun while waiting for the sunset at Tagbilaran City. 🙂

Sharing this for the 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Motorcycle Helmets for the Family

Ever since the province strictly implemented the Motorcycle Helmet Act earlier this year, we haven’t gone to the city using our motorcycle. I honestly prefer to ride in the motorcycle because it saves us gas, though I know that it is safer to be in a four-wheeled vehicle, but parking-wise and getting through heavy traffic jams is much easier with the motorcycle. But we don’t have a motorcycle helmet for Kuya Bogs and it is a must for all motorcycle drivers and passengers to wear one. I also need a new helmet, one that’s sturdy and super safe.

I do miss riding the motorcycle. Ever since Baby Job arrived, we haven’t traveled far from our house using it. We have to use the van, though we have to for Baby Job. I know I will really miss riding the motorcycle if ever we get the chance to go to a better place, which both hubby and I are really hoping to happen. Soon!

Breastfeeding No More

Nine months and a week, that’s how long I have breastfed Baby Job. I wanted to breastfeed longer but the little one just stopped. He did not want to take mommy’s milk anymore and my supply was also very low. I was also very stressed and emotionally down, I was crying for days and felt so so low when Baby Job turned 9 months. I guess that contributed to my milk loss (if that’s the term). And weeks before, I was always out of the house, I had a lot of errands to do and was out of town too and had to leave Baby Job to the nanny’s care and had him on formula.

So now, he’s into formula. I am back to washing and sterilizing baby bottles again… daunting task… aarrggghhh… 🙁

avent bottle

Baby Job… your daddy and I will have to work harder now…

He finishes a can of formula in just 4 days and he can gulp down a full bottle in just a few minutes! Whew! He’s getting heavier by the day and my back hurts already! Talk about getting old here, LOL! 🙂