Motorcycle Helmets for the Family

Ever since the province strictly implemented the Motorcycle Helmet Act earlier this year, we haven’t gone to the city using our motorcycle. I honestly prefer to ride in the motorcycle because it saves us gas, though I know that it is safer to be in a four-wheeled vehicle, but parking-wise and getting through heavy traffic jams is much easier with the motorcycle. But we don’t have a motorcycle helmet for Kuya Bogs and it is a must for all motorcycle drivers and passengers to wear one. I also need a new helmet, one that’s sturdy and super safe.

I do miss riding the motorcycle. Ever since Baby Job arrived, we haven’t traveled far from our house using it. We have to use the van, though we have to for Baby Job. I know I will really miss riding the motorcycle if ever we get the chance to go to a better place, which both hubby and I are really hoping to happen. Soon!

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  1. Helmets are definitely important especially in riding a motorcycle and this is not just for the law but for the safe of bother riders..

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