Waiting for the Sunset

We had the chance to marvel on the beauty of nature, the sunset specifically last weekend. While waiting for the sun to set, I had all the chance too to take photos of my boys. It was heart-warming to see them all smiles and having fun. Baby Job was so eager to play with his brother, while Kuya Bogs so wanted to take a dip in the sea water. Hubby and I took turns in watching the little boys.

This is just one of the many photos of my boys that I took:

Labado boys

Having fun while waiting for the sunset at Tagbilaran City. 🙂

Sharing this for the 366 Blog Photo Challenge.

12 thoughts on “Waiting for the Sunset

  1. Cute photo, Very happy si baby job oh … Tagbilaran this is the place we met, tama b ako? hope i can visit Bohol again.

  2. A happy family…what beautiful picture…I love it! I have a photo with me and my husband looking at sunrise,I am sorry that I cannot post here. Is one of my favorite!

  3. What a sight! Their smiles sure brings happiness to your heart. So cute of baby Jo!

  4. Ka cute ni baby job. na lingaw ug antaw sa back sa iya kuya.. hehehe.. nice and happy photo..

  5. I love Baby Job’s checkered shirt! Naa koy ing-ana from Ralph Lauren! Hahaha. Spending the afternoon watching the sunset with your family is always wonderful! I dream of a place where you are right now, Pinx. Kay mingaw na jud ko sa ocean. 😀

    Super late ni naku nga BPC hop. Karon pa ko kabalik from a 5-day break! 🙂

    Re: 5’1 ra tawon ko Pinx, luoy kaayo. Sige man mi panglukdo gud sauna mais ug kahoy maong wala katubo. LOL. Pre-Triz, 98lbs ra ko, and I reached 150lbs for my maximum weight with her. Unya wa jud naku napabalik paubos, nag-maintain ra ko ug 120lbs for 5 years. Karon baboy na kaayo ko. Pero OK ra man daw akong weight ingon sa chart. Tan-awon ta lang ni. Lol. Puno man gud water akong lawas ba kay kusog kaayo ko inom tubig jud. 😀

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