Proud and Happy

It was a holiday last May 1 and we were just stuck in the house and hubby got bored doing nothing. So he decided to check out our basement for things to keep him occupied. He found his old stereo speakers and his interest was piqued having heard our neighbor’s loud sound system. But when he checked the wiring and cords, they were all dusty and some were broken and it was in one huge mess! But it was still functioning and can be fixed, so he bought shrinkable tubing to harness the wires together, to prevent dust fromheat shrink tube accumulating and to avoid short circuits.

Hubby has no patience when it comes to small details and small things so I was just surprised when he came out of the basement, sweating and all with big smiles because he has accomplished something that is not his cup of tea. Hahaha! He was very proud of what he has done, he was able to fix his old stereo speakers with his own hands! 🙂

*image from source