Afternoon Swim

Hubby promised us that we will go swimming at the newly opened family resort here in town. He said that after the annual PhilHealth inspection, we will visit the resort which is just about three kilometers from us. So, when the inspection was done, we all packed up, I mean I packed up our swimming gears, popped some corns in the microwave, mixed some very cold iced tea and headed out to the resort.

It was already five in the afternoon when we decided to go and we did not regret going there at that time! The water was not cold nor warm. The temperature was just so right and perfect! So the boys dived in first while my usual role, the photographer, took snaps of them enjoying the pool!

afternoon swim

Daddy and Baby Job, all smiles at the pool.

afternoon swim

Kuya Bogs in his floater. He is still afraid to swim without any help.

afternoon swim

Finally, after doing my usual role, I got to swim in the pool. The water was so inviting and Baby Job was not even afraid.

Even though we were just an hour at the resort (since they close at 6pm), we had fun, the little boys had so much fun splashing in the water. They did not even want to go home because they were really having a blast. We even forgot to eat our popcorn! I am glad that my boys enjoyed our short trip to the resort. Hubby and I promised again (to Kuya Bogs) that we will go back and that the swim will be longer. Kuya Bogs was really happy to know that we will be going back to the resort. Yes, we will, before school starts a couple of weeks from now.

Summer is really not over yet! Sharing this for the 366 Blog Photo Challenge.


  1. I love having quality time with my family just like this.. Anyway, i really love the photos you have provided.. Seems definitely fun!

  2. i love swimming but i dont know how to swim. lol! enjoy dyud kaau imong mga boys mommy pinx. maau pa dira sa Pinas kay all year summer. sus diri mag antos pa mi ug katugnaw. taas taas dyud ang katugnaw. hayz.. masking summer na gani, tugnaw gihapon ang tubig. unsaon tugnaw man ang atlantic ocean. cge nalang. hehehe no choice. lol
    thanks for joining BPC! mag 5years na diay ko diri karong Aug. =)

  3. Summer is yet to start here sa among bukid Pinx! Lami mo diha kay init pirmi, anytime pwede mo-tugsaw sa water! Nice na inyong resort gi-anhaan kay newly-opened. Kumbaga, kamo nakauna ug ligo! Nabunyagan jud ninyo! 😉

    Re:di diay ka ganahan camote tops? Aguy, mura jud ko kanding ani magkaon diha sa atoa kay dahon ra pilion, murag hagpatan pa naku sa plato. Pero diri nga nihit kaayo, na tag-as kaayo stalk apilon jud ug kaon. Hahaha. Too bad kay di ka nagakaon diay. It is my fave jud! 😀

  4. swimming pool is the best place for summer time. on this place every one feel some relax.

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