Bistro Sets for the Yard

I have always wanted a bistro set and place it in our front yard. There are times that hubby and I would love to sit under the shade of our trees and watch the world go by. There are times too that we would like to enjoy our afternoon drinks or have some snacks outside and talk of our plans and life in general. So as a result of my wanting, I checked out and I did not regret doing it. I found very nice bistro sets in the website and was really enticed. I could not help but be tempted to buy because I know it would really be perfect for our front yard.

What do you think of this set?

wicker bistro set

It is a lovely set, isn’t it? I love the contemporary feel to it and the two other chairs can be used by our little boy to sit with us and enjoy his snacks too. 8)

I have seen sets like this too at the malls here but they were a bit expensive and with so many other necessary things to buy, I guess this will have to wait. For how long? I still don’t know. Maybe when everything’s a bit okay and our wants can already be ticked off our list.

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  1. go go go for the bistro in your front yard te pinx..ayooos kaau ni ke super bagay jud…plus, butngi dayon ug pool!hehhe..maski kadtong portable lng gud 😉

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