Happy Birthday To Us!

We celebrated our birthdays (hubby and I) last May 8 and 11 respectively. There were no grand celebrations, we prefer not to, because aside from the hassle it will give us, we don’t have enough funds too for a big celebration. LOL! So we just decided to have a family outing. As promised, we went to the beach yesterday for lunch and some well-deserved dip in the sea waters of Maribojoc, Bohol.

The outing was already cancelled early morning yesterday because it was raining so hard and the skies were so dark and hubby and I thought that it would be very cold to go swimming in that kind of weather. So we postponed the plan of going out to the beach. Instead we decided to have lunch here in the house since the food was already prepared. But by 10 am, Mr. Sun came out and the skies brightened. So the lunch at the house was transferred to the beach! I hurriedly packed our swimming gears and things and by lunchtime, we were already at the beach.

It was Baby Job’s first time to go to the beach and he was afraid of the waves. But hubby took him for a swim and later on, enjoyed the waters. He was splashing the waters with his hands. Kuya Bogs on the other hand was now braver. Before when he was still younger, he would not step on sand and would always cling to me or to his daddy, but yesterday, he took out the floatie and rode in it, stepped on the beach and even swam by himself (of course, with me watching).

Baby Job and I did not stay long in the waters because he might catch cold and it was really hot. But Kuya Bogs and MIL and SIL stayed for a while and enjoyed the waters. By 3 in the afternoon, we all decided to go home. At the end of the day we thank God for the opportunity to experience His love, majesty, greatness and faithfulness in our lives.

One happy post for the 366 Blog Photo Challenge.