Blackout Fun

The scheduled 9-hour blackout did not hinder us from having fun. Thankfully the weather cooperated, it was cloudy today and a bit windy. Our usual daily routine went fine and well too. But even though the weather was fine, our little man in the house got cranky and fussy by lunch time. He was sweating and haven’t taken a bath yet. But since we have also scheduled a swimming outing at the family resort nearby, we opted not to take our baths in the house and waited for mid afternoon.

When Baby Job woke up from his afternoon nap, we changed into our swimming outfits and headed out to the family resort. It was still cloudy and windy and we all enjoyed the warm pool waters. Kuya Bogs and Baby Job loved the waters and did not want to stop swimming. But after about two hours, we decided to go home and since the electricity has been restored already as well. I am happy that both the boys had a good time, we all had a good time. By dinner, it rained hard and a power outage happened again, it took about an hour before the electricity went on again. While there was no power, we played shadow puppets and had dinner by candlelight. When Baby Job was ready to retire to his bed, the lights went on and he fell asleep immediately.

Tomorrow is Baby Job’s first birthday. I hope everything will turn out fine and well. So I better get my rest too. Have a nice weekend everyone and Happy Birthday Baby Job!

Baby Job’s Birthday Giveaway

Baby Job’s birthday yesterday has been a BLAST!!! With this, I would like to thank everyone for participating in my giveaway! Even though my prizes are juts simple, but they come from the heart! So our lucky winner is:

Baby Job’s first birthday is just a few days away. In celebration of the little one’s birthday, Hands Full of Life and The Party Works is giving away a special prize to one lucky winner!

The winner gets to pick a party pack from The Party Works and they will ship it for FREE! Plus, the winner gets some cash from Hands Full of Life. This giveaway will run for just a week, from the 18th to the 24th of June, 2012. So just wait for the Rafflecopter to load below and just follow the easy mechanics!

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Some Kind of a Passion

I know someone who is into solid wood furniture. She has a passion for such kind that most of the furniture in her house are made from solid wood, like solid wood cabinets, living room sets, dining table, and other furniture pieces. Most of these furniture are expensive since solid wood is rare, but they do last. I think her pieces have been with her for a long time now and still, they look good and show no signs of wear and tear. When the family visits her house, I get mesmerized by the lovely pieces. It feels like I am in an antique shop, all filled with classical furniture and items. I sometimes worry that my little boy might bump his head or hit the solid wood chairs, for they are really hard.

My friend’s passion is really unique. I don’t know of any other person who is so into this kind of obsession. I, however, am not into classical furniture and those with classical designs. I love the contemporary feel or touch to any piece of furniture or accessory. Though I get fascinated at the intricate details of classical furniture, I still love the simple lines and tones of modern pieces.

Anyway, I still admire my friend for her passion and I hope that she can pass it on to her children.