Hang in There Baby!

Our Baby Job is such an adventurous little guy. There is a jeepney that is parked in front of our house and every afternoon, he would always want to touch the vehicle and do this:

Baby Job on a Jeepney

Hanging on the jeepney’s rails.

Pardon my photo, I took that using my mobile phone. Anyway, the little baby was holding on to the rail with all his strength and wanted to climb up, talk about being daring and all! He would do this all the time because his big brother would also climb up the jeepney and do the same thing.

At his age now, 11 months, he’s literally everywhere! Under the tables, climbing the stairs, kitchen sink, the bathroom, in the rooms, just everywhere! I am somehow happy that at this stage of Baby Job’s development, I get to stand up and chase him and sweat out, instead of just sitting in front of the computer… LOL! 8)

In just a few days, he will turn one and hubby and I will be quite busy preparing for a small birthday party for him.

Sharing this for Wednesday Whites!