My Brother’s Visit

My brother and his family were here in Bohol for some transactions about their property and for a short vacation at the same time. They arrived July 17 and we met them at the hotel where they checked in and had a very sumptuous dinner at the hotel’s cafe.

The following days were spent doing their businesses and purposes. By weekend, we all had fun. My brother rented a room for an overnight stay in one the resorts in Panglao and in the morning, we went to have some fish feeding at the nearby island. By Sunday, we went to attend a church service in one of the branches where my brother supports. When they checked out of the hotel, they stayed here in the house and we were packed. The little boys had so much fun and we also had a great bonding time.

kuya's visit

My Kuya with the little boys.

They went back to Cebu and will spend the remaining days of their vacation there. They will go back to Dubai in August 01, and I am glad that we were able to spend time together during our recent travel too to Cebu. I don’t know when we will be able to see each other again since we will be leaving a few weeks from now. Hopefully, we get to see each other in our new place soon.

Thanks for all the treat Kuya, Matte and Ethan Matthew, see you soon and the little baby too!

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With Firefighters

In the first week of this month, I attended our school boy’s general assembly. At the assembly, the teachers prepared a very informative program. They invited firefighters to give the children an idea on what they do to help in the community. The children including Bogs were all excited to see the firefighters in their firefighting suits and gears. They also had a demonstration where they readied their firehose and put out a fire. The children all cheered when the fire was out.

By the end of the demonstration, everyone had a chance to have a photo opportunity with the firefighters. Here’s my little boy standing beside the firefighter and was so eager to hold the fire truck.


Some children were lucky enough to have worn the firefighter’s gears like helmets and the heavy suit. I was happy that Bogs still had a chance to get to know one of the community helpers. I am sure that there will be more activities like this in the new school where he will soon transfer to.

Attending a Seminar

We are in the Queen City of the South again. Hubby and I are attending a seminar on labour information for Canada, this is one of the two seminars that will help us in our new journey a few weeks from now. This new life that is ahead of us. we hope will make our future brighter.

Hubby and I decided to stay at my brother’s place in Minglanilla, about 20 kilometers from the city. We have brought with us our kids since we cannot leave them at my MIL’s place. We opted to stay in my brother’s place so that we can save for our accommodations and we can just spend for our transportation to and from the city.

The seminar takes more than 12 hours so we just left the kids with the nanny at my bro’s place. As I’m writing this post, the lecture has already started. So off I go for now. See you in the next posts! Have a nice day everyone!