My Brother’s Visit

My brother and his family were here in Bohol for some transactions about their property and for a short vacation at the same time. They arrived July 17 and we met them at the hotel where they checked in and had a very sumptuous dinner at the hotel’s cafe.

The following days were spent doing their businesses and purposes. By weekend, we all had fun. My brother rented a room for an overnight stay in one the resorts in Panglao and in the morning, we went to have some fish feeding at the nearby island. By Sunday, we went to attend a church service in one of the branches where my brother supports. When they checked out of the hotel, they stayed here in the house and we were packed. The little boys had so much fun and we also had a great bonding time.

kuya's visit

My Kuya with the little boys.

They went back to Cebu and will spend the remaining days of their vacation there. They will go back to Dubai in August 01, and I am glad that we were able to spend time together during our recent travel too to Cebu. I don’t know when we will be able to see each other again since we will be leaving a few weeks from now. Hopefully, we get to see each other in our new place soon.

Thanks for all the treat Kuya, Matte and Ethan Matthew, see you soon and the little baby too!

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  1. Jessica Cassidy Says:

    awww! Uncle is surrounded with handsome boys :-) I bet you had a blast with your brother’s visit Momi Pinx :-) Dropping by from BPC.
    Jessica Cassidy recently posted..Different time from all over the world

  2. jheylo Says:

    i’m sure you are happy to see your brother once again :) i kind of relate to it because i would also feel the same way whenever i see my siblings once again. hopefully things will go smoothly so we will all be reunited again.

    yous son, the kuya looks like ready for bed? heheheh

    thanks for joining 366 BPC
    jheylo recently posted..#209/366 Blog Photo Challenge – Lumpia/Extra income

  3. emzkie Says:

    wow i can tell that he is a good brother. im sure u will gonna miss him sis Pinx. =)

    from BPC
    emzkie recently posted..Riding the Roller Coaster..

  4. Mama Vernz Theory Says:

    Hello Pinx, wow, buti pa si brother sige pasyal.. hehehe hope everything went well with the transaction… the boys looked happy :)

    sorry for the delayed laag :)thank you :)
    Mama Vernz Theory recently posted..Do not handicap your children

  5. In-in Says:

    Hapit na sad diay mo larga mommy Pinx. Have a safe trip nalang unya and I am glad that your brother and his family was able to spend time with you guys. BPC hopping.

  6. jheylo Says:

    visiting back from BPC

    ng enjoy gyud na imong bro mami pinx kay kita mga umangkon :D
    jheylo recently posted..Our soon-to-be 1st grader

  7. Mel Cole Says:

    wow that is good that your kids get to know their uncle mommy Pinx. i wish my kids can get to their uncle and aunt (my siblings) someday too. hope you can visit my #209 BPC:
    Mel Cole recently posted..Got his own jewelry shop

  8. Bless Says:

    Great time to bond with family!

    Visiting for 366 BPC!
    Bless recently posted..Leopard Print

  9. Mrs.D Says:

    ayay, taga dubai diay ning imong bro mamiPinx…hehehe! what a great bonding time with the family!

    late BPC hop!
    Mrs.D recently posted..Home Alone (Again)


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