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Bumps and Bruises – Part of Growing Up

They say getting bumps and bruises will make one a kid and that is part and parcel of growing up. No kid has not ever experienced bumping his head on the edge of a table, falling from a chair, getting bruises while learning to walk and so much more.

I can attest to that. Our one-year old boy gets a daily dose of bumps and bruises. He usually bumps his head on our dining table and gets bruises when he plays with his 5-year brother. They play rough most of the time, they wrestle, push and pull each other, run in circles, tumble and fall. Sometimes the bumps are hard and it worries me a lot because it might cause injury or affect the little boy’s brain.

Hubby always assures me that as long as the child does not lose consciousness or vomits after the hard bump or feels drowsy and shows no paleness, and that the child is still alert and active, there’s nothing to worry. But I could not help but feel scared seeing the bumps. Well, I guess I had my share of bumps and bruises too when I was a small girl. Proof to that are the scars on my knees and elbows… lol!

Since playing is always a part of a child’s growth and development, bumps and bruises go along with it. I would be more scared if my kids won’t play, are inactive, sleeps for longer periods of time, and shows unusual behavior. There will be minor scratches, purple bruises, redness and others, all these will teach them to be careful and mindful the next time they play. For infants and toddlers, parents should always remind them to be extra careful and to take child-proof measures to avoid accidents and serious injuries.

Superb Buffet and Bar Equipment

The family went to Cebu last June and checked in at one of the hotels there. Our stay included free breakfasts for two and so we saved a lot from spending for food. At one of the hotel’s cafe, the little boys were just amazed at the brilliant and shining bar and restaurant equipment, so does me and hubby. The cutlery, the plates, the serving dishes, the buffetware, chafers, and other serving accessories were all shiny and beautiful. Even the bar at the end of the restaurant was pleasant and sophisticated. It must have been furnished with Rapids Wholesale bar equipment systems. They were all modern and looking like brand new. The hotel really had superb buffet and bar equipment.

I could not even take photos of the restaurant, even the food from the buffet table because the little boys were very curious and kept on checking the place, one thing I regretted. I could have used the photos for my food blog. 🙂

Anyway, we had a sumptuous breakfast, the food choices were great and the place was packed. Hubby even said that he will come back to that hotel, check in probably and enjoy more of its amenities. Well, I hope we can before we leave, or if not, if we come back to the country for a vacation or so. Soon!