Lunch with Friends

The whole family went out today to attend Kuya Bogs’ general assembly at school where he was given a token and offered a prayer. After the school program and meeting, our school friends invited us to have lunch since two of them were celebrating their birthdays.

We then met at the mall and had a hearty and sumptuous lunch in one of the restaurants there. It was a great time to bond with them before we leave.

with friends

Here we are!

The kids had fun too despite some minor breakdowns of Kuya Bogs. Baby Job just slept in his stroller and we were able to fully enjoy the food and time.

Occasions and gatherings like this here will really be missed. Since at the new place, we will have to make new friends, although there are a few people that we already know, we will eventually be making and forming new cliques. I just hope that we will find good friends there too, like the ones we have here.

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  1. nice and yummy bonding i guess. I am pretty sure you will find new set of friend in your new abode and place to live. may God bless you and your family always. always wishing you good luck and good life there..:-)

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