My Boys

Here’s a latest photo of my boys. This was taken onboard the fast craft going back to Bohol.

the Labado boys

We’ve been traveling to Cebu lately for some important activities related to our BIG MOVE a few weeks from now. Hubby and I have to tow our two boys along since there is no one to watch over them if we are away.

The boys here, despite not having to rest well, are still game to strike a pose for the cam.

Sharing my boys for the 221 Blog Photo Challenge.


  1. Hi Pinx! Cute naman ng boys mo lalo na si Job 🙂 Thanks for the comment in my blog ah, and thank you din for your well wishes sa aking pregnancy ^^ God bless din sa move ninyo. Looks like marami akong dapat i-catch up sa blogging nito ah 😀

  2. bb job’s face is priceless. proud daddy ang show ni noynoy. goodluck sa move mami. give me a holler when you are there chikka ta.

    thank you for joining!

  3. They’re up for anything! hehehehe… So cute! 🙂 Mommy can I ask you? Where are you from na gani and where are you guys moving? 🙂 Anyway, good luck nya sa move pod. 🙂

    1. Hi Mommy Adin, thanks for the comment… I live here in Bohol, i grew up in Davao City, finished college and worked in Cebu, married to a true blue Boholano, so now, naa nako diri na pud. We’ll be migrating to Canada next month na as a family, that why i always call it our BIG MOVE! hehehe… kamo pud, good luck sa inyong move! i think it’s the year of the MOVES for some bloggers… ikaw, ako, si mami Lulu… hehehe.. 🙂

  4. aw cuties! kaning gamating murag sa imoha naliwat mommy Pinx, tapos si kuya kay sa imong bana. =)

    from BPC 221, catching up hope u can drop by

  5. hhehee…cute kau ang posing ni babyJob oh….hhehehe…permi jud ka wala sa picture mami…next time pamalihug sa imo abay…hehehe…joke lang!

    thanks sa BPC hop!

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