Tummy Boys

Before having lunch, I found my boys in the sofa doing this:

tummy boys

All of them showing their big tummies… oh except for Kuya Bogs who is very skinny… hehehe…

My boys make my day, they complete me, and even though sometimes (oh, most of the time) ransack the house and all, and leave empty plates, containers and packs inside the fridge, I still love them to pieces. 🙂

Sharing this for the 222 Blog Photo Challenge.

8 thoughts on “Tummy Boys

  1. hehehehe ka mga cute oi. lol. nakatawa ko sa expression sa imong bana mommy pinx, murag bag-o lang ni nahuman ug kaon ba kay na ngiki man. hehehe

    from BPC 222, hope u can visit back

  2. hehehe cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kaau imo mga boys sa ila tum tum models Momi Pinx 🙂 am sure bibo jud kaau mo diha sa inyo balay ba 🙂 I love the picture…fun and cute 🙂 Dropping by from BPC.

  3. aguy tanawa ragud ang mga silly nga mg ama lol. ng kasinabut gyud ug pakita sa ilang mga tummy hehehhehe. bonding time or belly time? lol

    visiting back frm BPC

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