A Fireplace to Keep Us Warm

It’s no secret anymore, a month from now, the whole family will be moving to a new place, a new environment, a cold place (according to Kuya Bogs) and will be experiencing and embracing a new culture. There will be so many first times, for sure. It will be our first time to pay rent, to see snow, to wear winter clothes and first time to have a fireplace. Although this is new to us, but we have to get use to it.

fireplaceFor our new home, we wish to have a fireplace especially for the little boys because they (we) are not used to very cold temperatures. Sometimes, when we are at the mall, the little boys would complain of feeling so cold, how much more it would be for real winter. So as early as now, we are searching online for fireplaces. Thankfully I came across the website www.fireplacemantels123.com and have found so many beautiful fireplaces which are really perfect for the new home. A fireplace will definitely keep us warm and snug during the cold season. We know too that we have to furnish the new house with furniture and other stuff so we are hoping that we will have enough funds to do so.

This new journey will not be easy, it will take a whole lot of courage, strength, hard work, understanding and cooperation among us four. So we are trusting God to be with us in this new adventure we are going to take.

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  1. sakto jud si bogs te..cold place.. share nya sa inyung pics sa inyung fireplace te puhon puhon.. 🙂 murag akoy naexcite!hehehe

  2. wow! Congrats sis on your new journey…May God continue to stretch forth his mighty hands for your whole family. God Bless!

  3. Use electric heater na lang Pinxx if naa namo didto kay hastang mahala ang kahoy para sa fireplace..okay lang unta if you own woods in the mountain kay aron free. hehe

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