Bonding Time

As much as possible, we make sure that we spend quality time with our kids. With our impending move, hubby and I are making the most of our free time here because we know that once we get to the new place, quality family and bonding time will not be this often anymore. So every afternoon, despite the many things and chores in the house, we go out and head to the town plaza and just be with our kids.

We play with them and as usual, I make sure I have a gadget to capture some bonding moments.

bonding moments

Mommy and the boys

bonding moments

Daddy and the boys.

I know finding time to do this in the new place will be quite hard, it will be very cold in the afternoons and so we won’t have any choice. But of course, we can still have bonding time in our home.

Thinking of all these and not being able to do our usual routines here makes me feel sad and makes me shed a tear. But I know that God will never leave us nor forsake us and that He has prepared something very good for us there. All we have to do is just completely TRUST HIM. :-)

Sharing this for the 215 Blog Photo Challenge.


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    Same here mommy. We are making the most out of the time we have here kay mamalhin pod mi this Monday sa 13th. My! This is going to be a bit difficult in the first few weeks, but like you said God is good and he will always be there to help us if we ask. :) Good luck you guys and enjoy! :)

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    walking around in the neighborhood with the family is not only a good bonding time, but also a good exercise for the kids, and it will also educate them, like.. define chismosa mommy. hahahaha.. just kidding mommy Pinx. kay sa amoa man gud neighborhood sa Davao dili ko makagawas tungod sa mga chismosa. =P kanang inyong lugar dira murag nice kaau ug limpyo pa dyud.

    bisitahi unya akong #215 BPC
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