In-Flight Entertainment

I am glad that during our long 12-hour flight, the airline had in-flight entertainment. Kuya Bogs and I had a great time watching the movies and shows using the headphones provided to us. At first I thought we were going to use audio-technica ath-m50s musicians friend but we were given another kind of headphone. Kuya Bogs enjoyed using it and even used it to play various games that were also available.

Even though hubby wasn’t able to enjoy the flight well because he was carrying our sick Baby Job (that time) halfway to Toronto, I am still happy because he was able to at least grab some precious time to sleep together with the little baby. Though hubby was entertained by the music that he chose to play using the headphone, he still wanted to make sure that he’d be able to get some sleep, and I’m glad he did!

The in-flight entertainment was indeed enough for our long flight. We totally forgot how long our flight was because there was more than enough.

Busy Looking for Jobs

Hubby and I are busy looking for jobs here in the new place. Despite our lack of sleep, we are busy searching online for jobs that we can apply for. Oftentimes, we would find ourselves falling asleep in front of the laptop. Thanks to Baby Job who has not been very cooperative since Day 1 here in Canada. He wakes up at 2am in the morning and gets back to sleep at around 5am, who has cried a lot these days, who has stuck to his dad and not on me, who has made us stay home these days instead of heading out to explore the city for jobs and vacant apartments so that we can move out.

We do need to find a job the soonest possible time or else, we’ll end up freezing when winter comes. We have already felt shy here in hubby’s aunt place for staying this long already and I just hope that she and her husband and her are still okay with us staying here and squeezing ourselves in their living room and Kuya Bogs ransacking their fridge. 🙂

I am fervently praying and hoping that we will soon get a job, even for just part-time. I know the Lord will see us through, I know He will not leave us nor forsake us and I am claiming all these promises. 🙂

Best Deals for the Family

Ever since I learned about best deals and sites offering discounts, I have been so enticed and have convinced myself to sign up for deals. In fact, back in my home country, I have already used some of the deals that I bought in some websites that offer cheap discounts to hotels and attractions.

Now that the whole family has already began its new journey in this new place, I can sign up for more deals which I know will surely be of great help for our start here. I have seen and it really is overwhelming with great deals and coupon codes which we could really use to help us save. As we start anew, we will be needing a lot of stuff and getting them at cheaper prices. Just recently, we explored one of the malls here and saw some pretty good stuff that we can use for our new home soon. There are also a lot of flyers from companies that are sent in the mail and some even give out coupons and some lets us check online for more discounts and items that we might be interested.

It is really indeed a great help for us since we are still new here and we are still adjusting to the cold temperatures, embracing a new culture and a new way of life. But with a lot of help around (even though starting is so difficult), it can be not that bad at all. All we have to do is concentrate, look forward to the bright days (despite winter coming a couple of months from now), hold on together, believe that we will make it through and that God will see us through, we will for sure be able to win all the battles. 🙂