Bags are Packed

Yes! Finally, we have already packed our bags. They’re just the medium-sized luggage, we don’t want to bring much because for sure we won’t be able to use most of our clothes here in that very cold place. So we just packed our basics and decided that we will just buy new clothes there. Since it’s a new place, might as well have new things, right? 🙂


Our luggage… pardon for the blurry image (taken with a mobile device).

Hubby and I can now say that we are more excited compared to the past weeks, our worries are slowly subsiding but it’s still ever present. We are excited to set foot on the streets of Toronto and in Oakville, which is our destination. We have already planned of going to Toronto on our first weekend there… and I am so excited!!! We are also taking our first train ride outside our homeland and boy, I don’t know if I can manage it nor my little boys. They haven’t been on a train ride ever, so it’s going to be one exciting trip.

Now that it’s only less than two weeks before our flight, please help us pray for a safe flight and that we’ll land in Canada safe and sound!  🙂