Cyber Monday is Coming!

Many of our friends who live in the US are now excited for Thanksgiving. They have already been telling me and my hubby of their plans for Thanksgiving, and of course, the shopping that goes after that big day. One friend of ours said he is waiting for Cyber Monday because he knows that there will be lots of electronics, gadgets, the latest innovations on sale that day. He also told us that he got some coupons and deals too for Cyber Monday at He was really excited when he told us about his new discovery. Our friend just can’t wait to get a new TV and the latest iPad.

When he told us about this, I was curious and so I checked out and indeed, they have the top deals for Cyber Monday, Black Friday and for all the days throughout the year. I also got overwhelmed at the many deals they have like for laptops (I need one), camera (I need one too), TV, tablets, netbooks and even GPS deals! I told hubby about it and he said that we still have time to save for a new laptop and a DSLR. He knows that my netbook needs replacement and that our vintage DSLR also needs to rest.

Like our friend, we have also become excited for Cyber Monday. We can’t wait!

Tankinis, Don’t Put Them Away…Yet

Winter is just around the corner and for most of us, we have already changed our wardrobe, cleaned up our closets and have set aside our summer outfits. But did you know that this is the right time to buy cheap tankinis for summer? Yes it is. Most of the clothing stores are having sale on off-season wear. So tankinis, swimwear and other spring/summer outfits are really cheap nowadays. If you head out to the malls or to your favorite clothing store or shop online, you would surely see those two-pieces or those cute summer dresses you have been eyeing for the longest time with their prices cut down.

cheap tankinisWe all want to be bundled up and kept warm nowadays as the temperatures slowly go down by the day. So wearing cheap tankinis does not only mean going to the beach or to flaunt our curves, we can also wear these sexy tops at home. With our heaters on, we don’t have to worry about getting cold. We can still feel cozy and warm with our tankinis on even on the cold winter nights. Aside from wearing it at home, there are still indoor pools and water resorts where you can still show off your figure and wear sexy swimwear. Or you can play a sexy lifeguard for Halloween! So don’t just put away your tankinis and other swimwear as they might really come in handy these days.

Cheap tankinis, sexy two-pieces bikini bottoms and other swimwear are now on sale at MyCurves&Me. If you also have plans of heading out to the tropics or the Caribbean to escape the cold season and just bask in the glory of the sun, or check out MyCurves&Me and you would surely find one that will suit you best (at cheaper prices). Go ahead, flaunt it, you deserve it! 😉

New Baby in the Family

Yey! We have a new baby in the family! Say Hello to Baby Evan Manuel! 🙂

Baby Evan

No, he’s not ours… Baby Evan Manuel is my older brother’s second son! My sister-in-law gave birth today and they just posted the birth photos in their Facebook and I was the very first one to respond!

We have a new angel in the family! Isn’t he a cutie? My sister-in-law said he’s a really pretty little baby just like my brother… naks!!! And that Baby Evan cries so loud! Nothing could be more adorable than a little baby crying.

Thanks to technology, even though they live halfway around the world from us, we can still see them and talk to them always. The last time we saw each other and spent wonderful times together was in July and it was so much fun and Baby Evan was still in his mommy’s tummy! And now, he’s finally here! Ready to explore the world. We hope to see them one of these days. I hope they get to visit us here too! 🙂

Anyway, welcome Baby Evan Manuel to the family!!!! We love you! 🙂