Poetry Contests

There are people who really have a way with words that they can create poems, stories and other literary pieces. Their minds are probably filled with so many creative juices that they have to squeeze them all out and eventually make masterpieces. Some join poetry contests and they their luck and win cash prizes or for some, just bragging rights and have their unique abilities exposed and get noticed.

Some poetry contests are open for amateur writers while some are for the professional ones. For amateur writers, joining poetry contests can be a way to send a creative or heart-warming message to someone special or to a loved one. Not only that they get to write and express their feelings, they also have the chance to win cash prizes. This is how World Poetry Movement works. It promotes and encourages poetry among amateur writers. What’s good about this organization is that they help in eliminating the barriers to getting the important messages heard. World Poetry Movement holds several poetry contests every year and it is always free to send entries or poems. The winners get awarded with prizes.

I consider myself an amateur writer, though I don’t write poems, instead I write journals and various articles, but harnessing the ability to write creatively can always be done. That way, I can express my feelings, opinions and vision in a unique way and thanks to World Poetry Movement, I have the chance to do so.