Technical Problems

I don’t know, but this blog seems to be experiencing some technical problems. There are plugins to be updated but I can’t update them because there’s always a failure writing something message that comes out every time I try to update. I have already told my hosting provider about this and she just told me to check my theme to which I have no idea on how to do it. You see I am a techie idiot, when it comes to codes and stuff related to the technicalities of blogging, I have no earth about that.

So for now, I just let these updates stay as they are. I don’t have time (yet) to dig in to the heart of this problem. But I do hope that this will be solved because I don’t want to lose this blog. I hope I can count on my hosting provider to help me with these technical problems.

Solar Energy

With the economy continually fluctuating these days, what we need to survive is to tighten our belts so we can sustain the growing needs of our family. And what better ways to suit ourselves to this challenging situation is to eliminate unnecessary things from our budget that is to identify our priorities, deleting in our budget list some things that we can really live without. In some cases, we can also simplify our needs by buying products with lesser prices.

At home, electricity consumption will also matter. Saving energy makes us save a great deal of money or better yet, have solar energy panels installed in your homes to maximize the energy coming from the sun. How is that possible? Well, there is a company who will do the process for you. If you will visit their website, you will know that this group has been serving San Diego for quite a while now providing their clients with quality electrical works offering sun-powered option services.

With this, you will not only be helping our ecological problems, you will also have the chance to enjoy affordable and rewarding services from the company. At these trying times that we are, we all need all the help we can get and this is one of the answers to our growing problem.

New Week

We are all doing a bit fine now after last week’s flu attack on the whole family. Though hubby is still feeling the pain from his sore throat but he has already gone back to work and hopefully, will be flu-free and pain-free in the coming days.

It’s a brand new week and we are also excited to see some flurries and snow too. Last weekend, snow fell for about an hour and hubby and I, with Kuya Bogs, went outside our balcony to see it for the first time. It was very cold and though they were just flurries, Kuya Bogs still liked it. The weather forecast says that there will be some showers this week and some flurries/snow so we are hoping to see (experience) it soon.

Our winter gears are not yet ready, I have been telling hubby to buy one for him and he just continually ignores it. Oh well, he said he can still brave the cold mornings. Let’s see who’ll freeze when the real snow comes… hehehe… The little boys still lack a few winter accessories and with my salary this weekend, I think I can buy them new ones. 🙂

We all hope it’s a wonderful week ahead! God bless everyone!!!