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The 360° Toddler Cup from AnywayUp

Teaching my kids to sip from a cup was never an easy thing. The transition from sucking to sipping was not an overnight process. It took me weeks to train my youngest (18-months old) to sip from a cup without so much spill. I hoarded a lot of sippy cups but that stage of sipping never went to full blast because every time he sees us, his mom and dad drink from a glass, he would also want to get a share.

Then the Original 360° Toddler Cup from AnywayUp arrived in my mailbox. It was the perfect solution to my little boy’s wanting to drink like a big man.

360 Toddler Cup from AnywayUp

The 360° Toddler Cup is a revolutionary cup that features an innovative circular valve system that allows toddler to drink from anywhere around the rim.

360 Toddler Cup form AnywayUp

The little boy was so excited when he got hold of the cup that was half-filled with water for him to try and drink.

360 Toddler Cup from AnywayUp

With the 360° Toddler Cup from AnywayUp, the little boy can now enjoy his drinks without me worrying of drips. He was able to finish the whole drink by himself and just like his mom and dad! He did not even want to give the cup back to me and wanted it to be filled again! His little achievement with the help of this clever little product made me so proud of him and a happy mom! 🙂

360 Toddler Cup from AnywayUp

The cup is leak-free, can hold up to 210 ml of liquid, is dishwasher safe (top rack) and microwave safe (without lid)! How about that! This brilliant innovation from AnywayUp helps build my little boy’s independence. So in no time at all, he will be drinking from a proper cup!

If you want to know more about the products of AnywayUp, you can check out their website or like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates.

Estrogen Dependency Results in Symptoms of Menopause

Estrogen and Progesterone are the main female sex hormones in the body. Estrogen is by  far the most important female hormone, playing a key role in the physiological and emotional aspects of a woman’s life. Estrogen affects the different physical and emotional development of a female including her sexual desire and reproductive growth.

Menopause is the important phase of a woman’s life that is a result of the decrease in the production of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body. This phase witnesses a number of menopausal symptoms during this phase. Most of these symptoms result from the drop in the level of estrogen in the body. There are many physiological factors as well as emotional aspects of a woman that are dependent on this hormone. There are many pieces of writings that provide a good overview of menopause symptoms here on the Internet; however, a few discuss the effect of estrogen on the female body following menopause.

Female Shape

Estrogen shapes the body of a female and helps it by providing it with the right form required for pregnancy. It also helps in forming the right skeletal structure, thus required to provide strength and form to protect the heart and blood vessels of the body. During menopause, estrogen production stops resulting in changes in the body parts and functionalities that are dependent on this hormone. Hence, many women experience different physical limitations and conditions such as joint aches, backache, general weakness, disturbed sleeping patterns etc.

Emotional Effect

Mood swings, female cribs, sexual desires, and various personality and psychological traits of a woman depend on this hormone. The production of this hormone has varying effects on the different feminine factors such as emotions, feelings, reaction, sentiments etc. When estrogen production stops, females experience a variety of emotional complexities such as sudden mood swings or emotional outbursts, disturbed sleep patterns, changes in sexual desire, and more.


Extreme cases of the side effects of menopause or extreme symptoms of this condition can be very limiting and painful. Many women have severe mood swings and changes in the body such as palpitation and severe joint pain that can disrupt the smooth ageing process, making it unbearable at times. Today, there are various products and treatments easily available to women who face extreme menopausal symptoms. They can even resort to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or other similar therapies and treatments. They also need to remain physically fit with regular exercise and always make sure they are eating a balanced diet.

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