Family Meals Shared at the Dining Table

Along with our move to our own suite in the apartment building (about three months ago), we also bought several furniture, housewares and the most basic kitchen stuff. One of the furniture sets that we bought was the dining table set. We purposely bought a new one since it will be where we will share family meals (and even do Kuya Bogs’ home reading and do my online stuff – for the meantime). Little did we know that our small dining table will face all the rigors of family life. I should have bought a tablecloth using a tableclothsfactory coupon code to protect our dining table from the little boys’ hard thumps, writings, meal mess and so much more!

Our dining table has been a witness to all our family conversations, to reprimands, to cries from the little boys, to grouchy faces and dirty bibs, even to sleepyheads having cereals and eggs and pancakes. If I had a tablecloth, the table would remain clean and free from stains, pen marks and scratches. But still I would worry about the tablecloth too, for it will take all those I’ve mentioned above! I am pretty sure that in just a week or two, there will be cuts and tears on the tablecloth. 😉

But even though we have a messy table, even if I wipe it clean after every meal and gets messy all over again, it remains a good, sturdy table, perfect for sharing happy family meals everyday. We just hope that it won’t give up on us easily.

A Comfortable Home for the Family

A home is a place where every individual finds comfort, convenience, love and security from each member of the family. Other people may see it differently because of their personal experiences but a mother like me will always do everything to make our humble home a dwelling place of love for my family especially my kids.

To keep our home physically pleasing and convenient for the whole family and for friends and relatives as well, hubby and I always see to it to maintain it properly. We both know how costly it is to regularly have home improvement maintenance especially on the newly installed atrium windows but we believe it is necessary to avoid atrium windows problems in the future.

I know that installing energy-efficient window entails extra cost but for the sake of the kids and with the help of the atrium windows review I read online, I have convinced my husband to finally give it a go. There have been a lot of positive atrium windows reviews from different household owners and when I get the opportunity to discuss it with hubby I immediately grab the chance to persuade him to have our windows replaced.

There are a lot of advantages that every household can enjoy from using atrium windows.  Due to its energy-efficient coatings, it usually reduces the sun’s penetration thus it causes less damage to the furniture inside the home. This kind of windows are also proved to increase savings on energy cost and also increases light and views without turning on the house lights.

Everyone in the family is so happy to see that every single thing is in place in our home. Our simple abode may not be comparable to the most expensive house or mansions but as parents, we know that we did our best to give our kids a comfortable and secured home and we will continue to provide them everything they need in this lifetime.