“Parent” Figures

I’ve mentioned that we have found a new family friend here, the old couple who lives in the apartment across ours. The two have somehow become our “parent” figures here. Since we are away from our parents, the two, even though we just knew them, are really so kind and good to us, me, hubby and the little boys. They also treat us as their son and daughter and the little boys as their grandchildren.

Hubby and I feel very blessed that we have parent figures here in Canada, that we have someone we can follow. The couple is so sweet and are always out of their bachelor pad and every time we see them from our apartment, we would always say and wish that when we grow old, we would be like them. Hubby and I are happy to have met and known them. We just hope that we will be able to repay them for all their kindness and goodness to us here.

Thank you Lord for giving us parent figures here, for giving us people who will help us in times of our needs.

Online Guitar Lessons

March break is almost here! Hubby and I are still thinking of what to do on this week-long break for Kuya Bogs and Job. I have planned of enrolling Kuya Bogs in online guitar lessons because I saw a great deal in Groupon offering online guitar lessons. I will just have to buy him a guitar and probably when he has become like a pro in playing the guitar, I can shop emg pickups for him. Oh, wait? Am I thinking ahead a lot? Lol!

Anyway, I know that Kuya Bogs likes music and that he can sing a tune and I’ve noticed that he can remember the last tune or song that he hears and hums it. So if I enroll him in guitar, piano or violin lessons, that would really be cool. I am thankful that I saw that online guitar lessons because then I won’t have to go with him to the location. Better yet, he’s just at home learning to play the guitar.

Anyway, hubby and I are still thinking of this. Perhaps we might find other activities for him come March break.

Free at the Hospital

Last week, Kuya Bogs met a small accident in school. I was at work when my phone kept ringing, I knew that there was something wrong because it wouldn’t stop ringing. So I asked permission to go out for a while and answer my call. It was from hubby and he told me that our Kuya Bogs got a big cut on his chin and that he needs to be brought to the hospital.

So again, I excused myself from work and went home to check out what happened to our school boy. When I saw him, he was all white with fear, holding a bag of ice under his chin and it was really a big cut and needed some stitches. He was crying when I told him that he has to go see the doctor and that the doctor will stitch and close the wound. He kept crying until hubby and him went to the hospital.

At the hospital, they waited for more than three hours before they were served. Baby Job and I went there and after stitching up Kuya Bogs’ wound, we just went home straight. It was ALL FREE!!! Thanks to the Ontario Health Insurance Program, we get FREE health care for our lifetime, that’s me, hubby and the little boys. Having free health care is just one of the many benefits of being permanent residents here in Canada. It is actually really expensive and costly to be sick so because we have FREE health care here, we don’t get to pay anything at the hospital. That’s just a BIG relief.

After that incident, Kuya Bogs went back to being the usual active school boy, I just hope that he will learn from the injury.