Friday Afternoon at the Lakeside

Since it was a holiday yesterday, Good Friday, we decided to go out and just have a family fun at the Lakeside Park. The sun was out, it was very beautiful yesterday and it was not very cold, just the perfect setting for an afternoon fun.

So the little boys, me and hubby dressed up and headed towards Lake Ontario. Hubby and I placed the little boys in their strollers and walked about 2 miles going to the park beside the lake. We also dropped by a convenience store to buy some refreshments since we did not have a hearty lunch. We met and saw a lot of people going to and from the park. The downtown area was also full of people who were there to enjoy the sun and the beautiful day.

When we reached the park, the little boys played in the playground and just had a blast. We also went to the lighthouse and had our photos taken. The park was packed with families all enjoying the holiday. Hubby and I were so happy to see the little boys having fun and just being able to run around.

The wind was starting to blow hard and it was getting cold already so we went back home with smiles and happy hearts! 🙂 Here are some photos of yesterday:

Near the lighthouse.

Job is all smiles at the swing!

The beautiful Lake Ontario.

Dental Insurance for the Family

Hubby and I have decided to get a dental insurance for the family. Kuya Bogs milk teeth are loose and since they are still strong teeth and has not shown any cavities, it  has to give way to the new set of teeth. We also have Job who will soon lose his baby teeth and a trip to the dentist is so costly here!

We have looked into the Blue Cross stand-alone dental insurance for families which will cost us about $86 for month and will cover at least $500 for dental procedures. We know that there will be frequent visits to the dentist because of Kuya Bogs’ milk teeth and it will be very expensive for just a visit alone. It is the exact opposite of our privilege back in our homeland where our dentist’s visits and procedures are FREE! Thanks to hubby’s cousins who are dentists, but here, we have to pay more than a hundred bucks! Whew!

But a dental insurance is really important since we have growing kids (and I have problem teeth too). So even if we shell out about $90 per month for our dental insurance, it will still be worth it. By next week, we will send out our application form for the dental insurance and hopefully get approved and will be able to save a lot in our future dentist visits.

Missing The Festivities in Our Homeland

March is the month when our hometown back in the Philippines celebrates its Foundation Day and just last week, the whole town celebrated its more than one hundred years of existence as a town. We just saw photos of the many activities such as the parade, beauty pageant, trade show and others in our friends’ Facebook feeds.

Speaking of parades and festivities, we were also told that some of the musical instruments from the drum corps of the different schools have been upgraded. Some have new percussion instruments, a new pbone, new xylophones and better uniforms for the marching band. With all these new upgrades, I am sure that there was total fun and entertainment during the parades and other festivities of the Foundation Week. I just hope that these new instruments will last long and will be able to provide good music during town activities.

Thinking of all these made me and hubby miss our hometown. It’s our first Foundation Day absence and the beginning of the many misses. But thanks to social media, we are still able to see the activities even through photos only.