Educational Toys for the Boys

When I became a mom, I have selflessly purchased toys for the little boys. But I just don’t buy any kind of toy. I make sure that each toy they get to play with enhances their skills, develops creativity and lets them learn. In short, I buy those educational toys. Aside from choosing toys that are beneficial to the growth and development of my little boys, I go for those that are made of quality materials, not using harmful chemicals and are safe for them to use. I also make sure that the toys can withstand the rigors of childhood play.

All these criteria are found in expensive educational toys and yes, sometimes, even if I so want to buy them for the little boys, I just can’t afford some of them. But I believe that there are educational toys that meet all these criteria and yet are so affordable and that is when I found Educational Toys Planet. I have also heard about their toys from my friends and have highly recommended them to me. I am glad that I have discovered Educational Toys Planet and have actually seen in the website the same classic toy bead maze that I bought for my little one.

I know that play plays a very important role in the growth and development of children and thankfully, Educational Toys Planet just have what I need to bring an educational play time to my little boys.

Weekend Activities

Since I end up early on my Saturday shifts, we have the time to go out. It’s our anniversary week and as I’ve posted a few days back, hubby said he will treat us on the weekend. So when I got home, I immediately changed my work clothes and dressed the little boys. Hubby also was eager to go out.

We all went to Dairy Queen and it was our first time. Hubby’s treat was nice as the food was very yummy, and as for the little boys, especially Kuya Bogs, he got what he had always been asking us, a bicycle! Job also wanted one but since he is still very small to have a bicycle, besides he already has one, he was just as happy for his big brother. Kuya Bogs was so excited and was all smiles when he got to ride his first ever bike. We decided to walk our way home, since it was just near our place, I pushed the stroller with Job in it, and hubby was guiding Kuya Bogs all the way home in his new bike! I was all smiles too to see Kuya Bogs happy with his new “property.”

Today, since I have work, hubby took the little boys to the big school yard (their playground) and they just had a blast with their bicycles! I was still able to see them from our apartment before I went to work. I know they loved to play outside giving them what they need will hopefully make them better persons later in life, not depriving them of what they want and need.

Two weeks from now, I will be off on a Sunday, I purposely asked my manager for a leave so that I can spend time with my boys, can’t wait!

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