Floor Scales For Accuracy

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Another Hospital Trip for Kuya Bogs

Kuya Bogs and I went to the hospital just a while ago. He again had a minor accident. Oh boy, here we go again.

We were all in the room and he was helping me with the ironing, and because we don’t have an ironing board, I was on the bed doing the chore. He helped me put all the ironed clothes in the rack, he was very good at it. After a few trips to the closet, when he came back to the bed, he might not have probably noticed the flat iron, that he placed it very near the flat iron and the hot plate tipped over and fell on his left hand. I saw everything and pulled the flat iron immediately, then he screamed and shouted because he was in pain, so much pain.

Hubby was sleeping that time and when he heard Kuya Bogs scream so hard, he woke and went to him, I was numb and did not what to do. So he looked at Kuya Bogs hand and when he saw the burnt part, he immediately took him to the bathroom and wash Kuya Bogs’ hand with cold water. The school boy was still screaming in pain. I was already helping them and hubby just decided that we should bring Kuya Bogs to the hospital for a treatment. So I brought my school boy to the hospital and he was treated.

The nurse placed some ointment in the affected area and covered it with bandage. She then placed a Spiderman sticker on the bandage and showed it off to the doctor and nurses on duty. Kuya Bogs was a brave boy at the hospital, he was very talkative and was very cooperative during the whole process. I kept asking him if his hand still hurts and he also replied that it did not. I am glad that he’s okay and it was nothing serious.

I know it will give him a scar but since he is growing, I hope the scar won’t be that big. It’s scary to think of something far worse than what just had happened to Kuya Bogs earlier, and it makes me cry and sent out my prayers to God. I love my little boys so much that just by thinking of something bad happening to them just worries me and makes me shed a tear.

So I hope that everything will be okay and on Friday, we will see his doctor for a re-dressing of the bandage. Thank God nothing serious really happened.

Be a Safer Driver

For anyone who wants to be a safer driver, the Parrot Bluetooth car kit at AmericanSecurityCo.com offers the chance to have fully compatible Bluetooth in any vehicle. While some cars come preinstalled with Bluetooth, older vehicles do not. This kit enables anyone to have Bluetooth capabilities in their car. Whether you’re interested in hands-free driving capabilities or you’re looking for Bluetooth to use with your music, this Parrot Bluetooth kit offers anyone the chance to have Bluetooth in their car. Many accidents occur as a result of distracted driving. While many people believe that distracted driving means someone texted while driving, the truth is that many individuals are distracted drivers and may not ever send a text. Anything that causes you to divert your attention from the road can be a distraction. Examples include crying children, putting on makeup, changing the radio station or trying to make a phone call. While Bluetooth can’t remove all distractions, Bluetooth capabilities certainly reduce distractions. Bluetooth is much more than simply offering users the chance to make phone calls without typing the phone number. It’s about having the chance to have a fully automated computer system in their vehicle that can do anything from play music through your vehicle speakers to stream movie sounds through the speakers.