Higher Order Thinking

Critical thinking is a tough thing to learn. This is partially because schools teach kids to memorize rote facts instead of trying to understand how those facts come together to create the world in which we live. While it is one thing to know who started a war or which country won the war, it is equally important to understand why the war started. When you start to think about things on a higher plane, you can make connections that others may not have seen or couldn’t grasp the importance of. By making those higher order connections, you gain insights that can help you in your life or career. Others will eventually start to come to you for advice about all sorts of things. At work, you will be the leader that everyone turns to when a good idea is necessary to grow the company. Using higher order thinking techniques will help you gain a greater appreciation for the world around you. You will feel an inner peace because you know how to make changes in your life if there are things that you are not happy about. Ultimately, you have the power to control and change the world around you. That is a powerful thing.

Canada’s Wonderland Giveaway

Before my family came to Canada, we have already seen photos of my friend who was able to visit Canada’s Wonderland. I was excited to know that soon, I will be able to visit that famous attraction in Ontario too. So when it finally opened up last Spring, my friend invited me, but since it is far from where we live (and we don’t have a car yet since we are new here), the possibility of visiting and experiencing Canada’s Wonderland just looms over the horizon.

Although there are resources (my friend has a car, hubby’s aunt has one), we can actually go, but hubby’s aunt and her husband’s schedule (mine and hubby’s as well) has to be in sync first before we can decide to finally visit and enjoy Canada’s Wonderland. Also, it is quite expensive to be buying four (4) tickets for all of us.

So when I chanced upon a blog who’s hosting a Canada’s Wonderland Giveaway, I did not hesitate to join. So here I am, blogging about it. I am hoping to win but I ¬†know that there are so many entries and it is randomly selected. So I am increasing my chances of winning four tickets to the attraction! That would surely be so great to visit Canada’s Wonderland for free, eh?

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