Niagara Falls Trip Cancelled

We were all invited for an overnight trip to the Niagara Falls region. It will be this long weekend, but since I have work this weekend and there is no one to replace my shift, I decided that we cancel the invitation. I think it is just practical to stay home this long weekend, besides we will be in Niagara at the end of this month for our first ever camping here, so I guess it’s just right to cancel our forthcoming trip.

I also told hubby that I need to save for our camp, we don’t earn that much and every penny counts here. If we earn a little more than what I do now, I would go and take that trip, but hubby and I don’t, so it’s better to save. Plus we also have to send money back to our family back home for their expenses. So it is just right to save for other stuff. I know there will be other times to visit Niagara and of course the other attractions here in Ontario, and I know that it will all soon come, not just now. There are more important things to prioritize.

Long Weekend Again!

It’s a long weekend again and hubby is so excited because he can finally have time to rest. I have work though on Sunday because we decided not to go to Niagara but I have Monday to spend with my boys. Yippeee!

We still don’t have plans for the long weekend. I am also not sure where Tita Bambi and Kevin will go, maybe they will just push through with their overnight stay in Niagara, so we will have the weekend to us. So anyway, I am looking forward to spending quality time with the boys, hubby said he will buy me a bicycle since he has already bought one for him so that maybe we can go biking. There is also the Oakville Waterfront Festival on the weekend so we might go check it out.

We really don’t know what to do on the long weekend though, but one thing for sure, we will be going to spend it as a family! 🙂

Making Memory Through Coins

Memorable events in your life will always be remembered.  A wedding will be more memorable with the album of still pictures of the wedding event. Childhood memories can be recalled with the help of recorded videos of your childhood days. Each of us would always try to keep something that will remind us of our wonderful memories.

One wise thing to do to have a lasting memorabilia of is to engrave it in a custom-made coin. For example, the picture of the couple can be used as design for challenge coins and make it as their wedding favour. In this way, you can be certain that your party favour will really last for long. Every time you and your husband see that coin you are reminded how lovely that day was.