A Call to 911

Today, we had to call 911 to get an EMS to the apartment.

While I was cooking our breakfast earlier today, I received a call from Kevin and he told me that Tita Bambi is not feeling well and that she can’t walk and open her eyes. Kevin sounded worried and asked me if I could go down and check on Tita Bambi and stay with her until he gets home. So I went down to see what happened to Tita Bambi, and when I got there, she said that she feels very dizzy and that when she opens her eyes, everything just spins! She was on the couch with her eyes closed and yet she was still able to play with Madison with her feet. She is conscious and her breathing is okay, she just can’t open her eyes and if she does, she would feel terribly dizzy.

So when Kevin arrived, he called 911 and after about 7 minutes, the EMS came, took Tita Bambi’s vital signs and placed her on the stretcher. It was really quick and we all witnessed everything. Tita Bambi was rushed to the hospital and we went back to our suite and I continued with our routines. We offered a prayer for Tita Bambi before our breakfast and hopefully she will recover fast with no problems.

No Work On the Long Weekend

It will be my first long weekend that I am not going to work. Usually, I always have work the day before the holiday so it really not a long weekend at all because I only have two days off. So anyway, it is also the last long weekend of this year’s summer. It is the Labour Day weekend and many will be heading somewhere to enjoy the long weekend and we are no exception to that.

We are heading to the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto and watch the 64th Canadian International Air Show, and of course, enjoy the rides, foods and other events at the Exhibition Place. We did plan this last week after our camping (on our way home) that we all watch the Air Show, that is with Tita Bambi and Kevin, and we initially plan it this Saturday, but when I found out that I have work on Saturday and none on Sunday, we changed the date and go with my day off. So we hope to have a good time at the exhibition (fair).

It will be the last summer before going back to school and I am happy too I will be able to spend it with my boys, especially with my school boy since he will be in school most of the time and it will make me miss him, even though he drives me crazy and mad all the time! So even if I don’t have work on the weekend, I am still glad.

Which Smells Take You Back to School

As a mom with a school boy going back to school this Tuesday, I have to prepare and buy school supplies for him, and amazingly, when I am at the “back-to-school” section of the stores, the smell of pencils and crayons take me back to my days in Kindergarten and elementary. Their scent just brings back so many memories of fun and carefree days in school. Now, when you shopped (or still shopping) for school supplies, which smells take you back to school?

Staples Canada conducted a survey on that and that the study revealed that 87% of Canadians are taken back to their school days by a certain smell. Take this interactive infographic below and see what certain smell or smells take people (or you) back to school.

Click image to open interactive version (via Staples.ca).

For me, the smell of pencils and crayons just floods my brain with my activities back in school, taking quizzes, learning to sharpen my pencils, learning the ABCs and 1-2-3, meeting new friends and teachers and so much more. So how about you? Which smell takes you back to school?