Lunchbox Love Review

Lunches for my school boy is always fun (for me) to make. I have been getting a lot of ideas on making creative, appealing, cute and most of all healthy lunches from mommy blogs who are into bento-making. One of the most unique ideas to go with lunches is Lunchbox Love. I’ve seen a lot of mommy blogs who have sent Lunchbox Love in their kids’ lunches, and I thought the idea, simple as it is, has a very good impact on the kids (even husbands) who get to see special messages in their lunch box, thus Lunchbox Love.

So when Lunchbox Love sent me the first four volumes of these wonderful greeting cards, I was so delighted. I could not wait to send positive thoughts and words to my school boy. Say Please (the home of Lunchbox Love) is the brainchild of two moms who got fed up with seeing products for kids and adults with messages that are not so, let’s say, nice like “Boys are stupid.” So they created a company that produces greeting cards, accessories and other products that featured positive messages with inspiring phrases, that just makes people feel great, in my case, my school boy (from Say Please website).

lunchbox love review

My four volumes of Lunchbox Love!

Each volume comes in a credit-card size plastic case and has 10 cards with different messages. It has two blank cards where you can write your personals note in it. At the back of each card, there’s a fun trivia to entertain.

lunchbox love review

These meaningful cards make me feel connected with my little boy and that he gets to know that mum is still thinking of him throughout the school day, plus the messages in the cards can have positive effect in his mental and physical health. The trivia makes him learn more about the world around him and if somebody else gets to read the card like his teacher for example, it can help change his teacher’s life or maybe make her smile, and that’s what I love about Lunchbox love.

I’ve sent a couple of cards already in my little boy’s lunches and here are some of those:

lunchbox love review

Lunch and snacks for today!

lunchbox love review

My son is a picky eater and he doesn’t like vegetables a lot, but I always try to send him one even if it he doesn’t eat some of it. So making his lunches appealing and creative has helped me in so many ways for him to enjoy eating veggies, and the Lunchbox Love greeting cards has definitely made it yummier and encouraging.

Oh, and did I tell you that a portion of the profits of Say Please products goes to a charity? Now, that’s changing the world!

You can check out Lunchbox Love’s Facebook page for more information and details about their products, or check out their website. If you follow them on Twitter or see what they have been pinning on Pinterest and sharing on Instagram, you would definitely get a lot of ideas and inspiration!

*Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received the product mentioned above for review purposes only. The opinions are my own, based on personal experience with the product.

Better TV Viewing Experience

With the advent of technology, our world has become digital, well, not literally though, but everyone, almost everyone, even kids, have their own tablets, cellphones, gadgets and stuff that occupy most of their time if they are not in school. Businesses have thrive with the Internet and thousands of companies have engaged in social media, and many industries have adapted to many technological advancements as well.

Even in our home, we are surrounded with technology, when we listen to the radio, when we prepare food for our families and most of all, when we want to entertain ourselves by watching TV. Even this simple activity has become so advanced that many telecommunications and broadcasts companies have merged with digital tv providers to bring out the best TV viewing experience right at the comforts of our very own home. When in the past, we relied on the analog system, but nowadays, because of technology, keeping ourselves entertained and following our favorite TV shows are just at the touch of a button, tap on the TV screen or even with just a click. Digital TV providers offer subscription rates that allows us to choose which channels we want to see, or they offer packages or bundles that includes a home phone and internet or broadband services. Depending on the budget, we can always choose those that we really need. These providers have actually become a savior of some sort to many families when it comes to budgeting as these packages and bundles that they offer has definitely helped families save on bills as they put them all together, your home phone, internet and TV.

With all these advancements, family time (TV time) has become a better experience. But wait, don’t just be tempted to sign up immediately for an offer. Do research and compare package prices or subscription rates, learn about the reputation of the providers and see to it that they are able to provide support, technical and services that are affordable. It is always best to know more and be equipped with information before hitting the subscribe button, of course, keeping in mind not to break the bank and best of all, getting a better TV viewing experience.

New Backpack from Posy Lane

In January, I got the opportunity to review a personalized backpack from Posy Lane. My son who was then in Kindergarten had it all throughout the entire school year and the backpack withstood Fall, Winter and Spring and 6 weeks of Summer camp! I am just so impressed of the quality of the backpack and how it survived rain, snow, heat and all the elements of nature. Not only that, my son is very active and being a boy that he is, the backpack just hits the ground any time, been dragged for a million times (I guess) and all the rigors of childhood play and activities. So all those months, the backpack did already show wear and tear and there’s a lot of it! So I decided to buy a new backpack for my school boy. Since the first backpack did a very good job, I also decided to buy from Posy Lane again.

My school boy and I went to the website and he personally chose this super cool kids backpack:

posy lane backpack

The Sugarbooger Day of the Dead Zippie Kids Backpack!

He chose this among all the many backpacks in the website because he said “Mommy, it is super cool!” So when I asked Posy Lane that I am buying a backpack from them again and that I would do a review of it, they gladly said yes and gave me a 40% off of the price of the backpack with free shipping! Isn’t that awesome? I saved a lot! I did not want to go to Walmart, Target or to the other stores here to get a backpack because I had very bad experience with the backpacks sold in these stores. So anyway, I chose also not to personalize it since my son has a bag tag and that I can put in the bag.

This bag though is smaller than the first one we got last January but still, it can hold my son’s new zippie bag, a big notebook or their Agenda, his lunch bag, a water bottle and a change of clothes. It’s one packed bag!

posylane backpack

Compare their sizes. The Day of the Dead zippie backpack is smaller than the Stephen Joseph backpack that I got from Posy Lane in January.

The Sugarbooger backpacks are made of durable nylon canvas, the graphics of the backpack is bold and  they’re funky. The main compartment has a sturdy zipper, and it has a zippered exterior compartment as well where I have placed my sons’ raincoat, a pencil, eraser, sharpener and some other small school stuff. Unlike the other backpack, the Day of the Dead zippie backpack has only two compartments, I do like the first one we got because it has lots of pockets and compartments and is bigger, but because this is my son’s choice, obviously because he loves the design and the graphics on it, then we will have to make do with it. One feature that this backpack have that the old one doesn’t have is this:

posy lane backpack

A part where you can put a label.

Since I got some labels for my son’s school stuff, I placed one on the insides of the backpack. My son loves the backpack even though it is a little small for all his stuff, but he loves it anyway. He said that his bag is cool, so that makes me a happy mum! 🙂

I am thankful to Posy Lane for this opportunity again for letting me save some money. It would have been nice to have the bag personalized but I just did not. Had I done it, I would have gotten again beautiful embroidery on their products, in my case, my son’s backpack. Posy Lane is rolling out a preview tool on their website for customers to see the name built by their font choice. That’s really cool! So hopefully, the next time I order a backpack or any product from Posy Lane, I am going to have my item personalized so that I can use the preview tool. You can check out this article in their blog in this link.

Anyway, here’s my son on his way to school with his new backpack. The day after it arrived, he used it immediately because again, he said, “Mommy it’s so cool! 🙂

posy lane backpack

Thank you Posy Lane! You can check them out in Faceboook for more product information, coupon codes and to know more about Posy Lane.

*Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received a Day of the Dead Zippie Backpack at a special discounted price. All opinions are my own and may differ from yours.