We all want to preserve the precious memories of our loved ones, but life we all know is short and that we never know when will leave this earth. Have you ever thought of saving a keepsake or an heirloom or maybe a letter for your kids or husband or parents and set a date on when these keepsakes or letters will be revealed and delivered at the perfect time, sort of a time capsule? Well now, with kairoslife we have the chance to save those memories forever and reveal them to our loved ones at the right time.

kairoslife founder recently lost a close friend who passed suddenly without warning and was again reminded of how quickly life can be taken away, at any age. He woke up one night with the idea of this site.  He is a father of three and was thinking about the memories we want to keep forever – and how could they be stored, kept for the future, and delivered at just the right moment to have the greatest impact.

How does it work?
  1. Upload photos, videos or letters from your PC or mobile device to a “KairosMoment” which is the album or capsule that will be delivered to your loved one on a future date.
  2. Tag your loved ones to that Kairos Moment and set a reveal date when it will be delivered.
  3. As the reveal date approaches, if desired, other family members and friends can share their thoughts on that KairosMoment to add to the memories for that loved one.
  4. Then on the reveal date, the loved one will get an email notifying them of a Kairos Moment that has been unlocked.

I love the idea of saving and storing a precious memory, a keepsake or perhaps a letter for my boys and husband. If when I pass away before the final date of reveal, they will know that at the perfect time, even if I’ve gone ahead, I thought of them and will always think of them and love them.

Visit kairoslife.com and try this one out.

Cold Morning

We woke up today to a minus 12 centigrade on the thermometer! It was just one cold morning and because it is Sunday and hubby and I don’t have work, we decided to just stay home and stay warm. Hubby and I have talked about buying a car, we’ve only been here for just a year and hubby just got his G1 license, which means he needs someone (a G holder) to drive with him. But because we haven’t saved that much yet (we’re only minimum wage earners), we couldn’t afford to buy a car just yet. But we are hoping that by next year, he will take the G2 exam and be able to get even a second hand car.

So anyway, because it was so cold this morning, going out was not an option. Instead, we did the laundry, cleaned the house, let the little boys play and scream, hehehe, and did some more chores. I caught up with my writing gigs as well and watched my TV shows. The cold weather kept us stuck in the house, which is a good thing actually, we don’t have to go out and spend. But of course, it would have been nice to have our own car so that if we want to go to church, or to the mall or visit an attraction, it’s easy for us. We don’t have to shiver in the cold bus stop even in our winter clothes.

I know that it will happen soon, I am positive of that. The Lord will provide and we will soon be able to see the fruits of our labor. As for the cold morning, we will expect that to be like that in the coming days as winter approaches, and then I am looking forward to Spring and then Summer… 🙂

Immigration Help

Because of the recent calamities that struck the Philippines in the past weeks, many of those who have relatives living in the United States specifically in Los Angeles, California are asking immigration lawyer los angeles-based to help them expedite or hasten pending applications or petitions of relatives especially those who have been significantly or personally affected by the calamities.

I know that the government of Canada is doing something about this so I bet the US government is also doing the same thing. Relatives of those affected by the earthquake and the world’s strongest typhoon to hit landfall are worried of their loved ones back home who have to deal with no or limited supply of food and water, no shelter, no power, everything washed and wiped out by the strong winds and the strong storm surges, and have lost everything. It is such an agony to be far away from loved ones and the feeling of helplessness is just so stressful. So hopefully, many applications will be approved and that immigration lawyers can help in such cases.