Day 22

Why do I blog?

I started blogging in 2009. I used blogspot because it was first introduced to me by my classmate in high school. She was already earning from blogging and I was enticed. My cousins too were already enjoying the benefits of working online, particularly blogging. So I created a blog with blogspot. I started writing. Although writing is not my forte, I just wrote there what came into my mind. After posting some entries, I submitted my blog to some of the paid-to-blog sites. Luckily, I was approved in one of the sites and earned my first $15!

After receiving a task and got paid, I was already on the hype! Although I did not know what to do exactly, I just wrote my way to earn… and eventually, and was finally convinced by my cousin to buy a domain. Since she got some free domains under her web hosting accounts, she gave me one and I just paid her around $10 for the annual fee. And since October of last year, I started earning already, although it’s not that much, but it’s been very beneficial to me and my family.

Well, I blog mainly because I want to earn. My hubby is the only who brings the bread in the house and I feel so helpless that I want to help augment our expenses. Thus, the decision to finally buy a domain because I’ve been told, there are so many opportunities online if you have your own website. Now, I blog because I have learned to write, to express what’s inside my mind, to share my daily experiences with my friends, and to stay in touch with the world around me. I found it difficult at first, but eventually, I learned to love blogging… and it has become a part of my daily routine.

I blog because I appreciate what the internet (not to mention our super fast connection) can offer… and indeed, it has given me a lot and hopefully, so much more in the future. So why do you blog?

Day 21

Ten more days and my 30 day blog challenge is done! Yippeee… although I have skipped some of the challenges, I did make my own for each day. Today is about names, and if I could pick a name for myself, what would it be.

Well, honestly, I wouldn’t want to have any other name. I am contented with the name my parents gave me. It’s a simple and yet colorful name. Both my real name and nickname are colors, Hazel and Pinky respectively. Although they sound so different from each other, and most of my friends would comment that my nickname doesn’t match my real name, I still love it. My name is my identity, and even if there are other Hazels or Pinkys in the world, I am unique and I own it. I thank God for giving me parents who gave me a beautiful name.

How about you? If you could pick a name for yourself, what would it be?

Day 20

Ten more days and my 30-day challenge is done! Today, I would like to share to you my favorite Bible verse, oh well, this is not a verse anymore but a whole chapter… I just hope that it will lighten up your day today… 🙂
I just love this chapter in the Bible, it speaks of God’s amazing love for all of us. That He alone deserves all the glory and honor and praise. God is ever with us, He will never leave us nor forsake us, this is His promise to us and God always keeps His promises. Our Lord God is ever loving and a wonderful God. I just hope and pray that all the people in the world will get to know Him, and believe in His love…
This is the perfect example of true love… God’s love that is… Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!