Cold Morning

We woke up today to a minus 12 centigrade on the thermometer! It was just one cold morning and because it is Sunday and hubby and I don’t have work, we decided to just stay home and stay warm. Hubby and I have talked about buying a car, we’ve only been here for just a year and hubby just got his G1 license, which means he needs someone (a G holder) to drive with him. But because we haven’t saved that much yet (we’re only minimum wage earners), we couldn’t afford to buy a car just yet. But we are hoping that by next year, he will take the G2 exam and be able to get even a second hand car.

So anyway, because it was so cold this morning, going out was not an option. Instead, we did the laundry, cleaned the house, let the little boys play and scream, hehehe, and did some more chores. I caught up with my writing gigs as well and watched my TV shows. The cold weather kept us stuck in the house, which is a good thing actually, we don’t have to go out and spend. But of course, it would have been nice to have our own car so that if we want to go to church, or to the mall or visit an attraction, it’s easy for us. We don’t have to shiver in the cold bus stop even in our winter clothes.

I know that it will happen soon, I am positive of that. The Lord will provide and we will soon be able to see the fruits of our labor. As for the cold morning, we will expect that to be like that in the coming days as winter approaches, and then I am looking forward to Spring and then Summer… 🙂

First Church Service

After a year of living here in Canada, the whole family went to church today for the first time. I have been meaning to attend a church service here since arriving but could not find one that’s near our place. Months ago, I met a mom who works at the Food Bank just at the corner of our street and she told me that the centre also has Sunday church service, and everyone is welcome. I told myself that God indeed works in our lives as He has used people and organizations to direct us closer to Him, in whatever circumstances we are in.

But after knowing about it, we still were not able to attend church as I had work on Sundays until last month when I finally asked my manager at work that I want my Sundays off because I want my family and I to go to church. So today, we all went for the first time. We were welcomed there and boy was I glad to know someone there! But I had to leave hubby at the worship service since I had to look after Job who was crying when I left him with the other kids. But for a start, it was already good! I am hoping that we can all go to church again next Sunday.

Thank you God for allowing us to experience You and Your love in so many different ways.

Rainy Halloween and My Little Pumpkin

For the past two years, Halloween here has been rainy! But the rains and the gusty winds have not stopped the kids from wearing their Halloween costumes today in school. It was hubby who sent our school boy today and even with the pouring rain dampening the school grounds, kids were still in their costumes and he said they still looked very spooky, cute and adorable.

I am just happy that it’s not so cold today because children can still go trick or treating. There is still rain but it’s not pouring hard anymore. I just hope that the kids can go a long way with their treat or tricking later. The whole family will have dinner in hubby’s aunt’s place and she has prepared some “meat eyeballs,” “bloody fingers,” stuffed chicken, a hearty soup and she has also prepared treats for my boys. We all can’t wait to go there and enjoy the sumptuous treats. I really do hope that it won’t rain that hard later tonight.

I just want to share to you today what my little boy wore for Halloween and because it was raining hard and super cold last year, they were not able to go out for trick or treating. Here’s my little pumpkin:

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!